Awkwardly Awesome Sibling Photos

We all have them – those photos with our brothers and sisters that make us glad we were born before the era of Facebook and Instagram. Well, as it turns out, even though moms and dads of the ’80s and ’90s weren’t instantly able to humiliate their kids, somehow those pesky family pics still managed to end up online for the world to see.

So, in celebration of National Sibling Day on April 10, we’ve hunted down five of these cringe-worthy sibling photos (thanks to that might just put your awkward moments to shame.

First, we begin with a photo that makes us question whether or not mom wants her little chicks to leave the nest.

We really aren’t sure whether mom was reminiscing about the days when her babies were still in utero, or if she didn’t want a professional shot of their screaming faces, but either way the pic of these two eggheads is sure to be the center of tons of forced conversation at family gatherings for years to come, and certainly captures the essence of every frustrating family moment ever.

Speaking of frustrating family moments, younger siblings are probably all too familiar with this snapshot.

It’s that moment when big sis decides that she wants whatever you have. Mom and dad never do anything to stop her thievery, but certainly have a minute to snap this pic – thanks mom and dad. But hey, most younger siblings will attest that they didn’t get bitter. Chances are they got even and probably got in trouble for it. Double standard, much?

Younger sibs are all too familiar with getting the butt-end of most deals, though. Check out this Easter pic that really epitomizes how good it is to be the first-born.

Notice how big sis gets to wear a simple white T-shirt, her favorite pair of jeans and a pair of big bunny ears. Cute, right? Well, check out little sis in what looks like one of those flannel dresses, popular in the mid-’90s, standing neck-deep in a rabbit’s rear-end. Remember that the next time big sis pulls the “I never got to do that” card.

Every sibling at one point of their life is going to be mad at their brother or sister, but kids aren’t always so sure whether or not their parents are atomically angry and just aren’t showing it. Mom and dad have some seriously sneaky ways of showing their anger, but we aren’t sure that any passive aggressive punishments compare to this next pic.

In all honesty, whoever took this picture was probably just trying to get an awesome shot in a time that the not-so-nice affects of nuclear radiation were virtually unknown. Still, if you didn’t know any better, you might think that Junior and Little Miss got into a fight of nuclear proportions, and mom and dad had enough. So they put their kids in their best colored corduroys, drove them out in the desert and snapped a photo for a lesson that would last a half-life.

When it comes to parenting, there isn’t a handbook on how to do it right. We basically just love our kids, try not to pull our hair out during our loud, crazy and hectic lives with them, and snap a few chuckle-worthy photos along the way, just like this short-short filled, eye patch laden, ninja-turtle rocking, first day of school photo, for example.

Over the 18-plus years it takes to raise our kids we end up with a mountain of funny stories, awkward photos and wonderful memories that we will reminisce on for the rest of our lives.

Photos courtesy of Awkward Family Photos


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