Collectors Willing to Pay Big Bucks for Haunted Dolls

What calls you mommy, has big staring eyes and is sort of sadistic? Why, haunted dolls, of course! While you might want to steer clear of dollies possessed by demons, Huffington Post reports that demand for them is growing.

Some say that the powers these dolls posses can range from whispers throughout the night to moving about the house, and even more sinister acts. Prices of the dolls vary from the mid-20s range all the way up into the thousands – with one “sexually perverse possessed doll” selling for over $1,500.

So, why are people dishing out that kind of cash for a doll that makes Chucky look like a Cabbage Patch Kid? The reasons are as varied as the prices.

In addition to appealing to the normal doll collector, haunted dolls are appealing to the paranormal collector because they are a convenient start to connect with the paranormal and can help teach about death, Katrin Reedik, a haunted doll collector from Scotland, told Supernatural Magazine.

“If you have an interest in the paranormal then you can always start with dolls,” she said. “They don’t need so much of your time and effort, but remember – they need to be respected.”

Here at Metro Parent, we wouldn’t recommend jumping on the chance to get one of these dolls, unless you are prepared for some pretty nasty consequences. But if you do decide to give these dollies a new home, eBay seller The Haunted Store gives you a list on how to hunt for your next haunt.

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