College Student Hires Fake Family to Pose for Christmas Card

Josh Brassow, his wife Patty and two teenage stepsons just topped the Kardashians in the Christmas card category. But here’s there’s a twist – they aren’t a real family.

That’s right: The card is a joke.

Saginaw Valley State University student Joshua Brassow, age 25, hired a fake family to pose for a Christmas card and stump his aunts, uncles and grandparents, Fox 4 News reports. Brassow posted an ad on a private Facebook page for a family to take the photos with.

After several responses, he chose Saginaw mother Jess Jaxx and her two sons. He offered to pay the family $20 but Jaxx and her sons participated for free, and Brassow found a local photographer to shoot the pics. The family enjoyed taking the photos and Brassow says Jaxx’s sons “were good sports about it,” Buzzfeed reports.

Brassow says he thought since his family hasn’t seen him in years, they would say, “He got this woman twice his age pregnant and now has to step up and be a dad to these kids almost his age,” Good Morning America reports.

He ordered 100 cards to send and hoped the joke was not revealed until his family saw them. Fox 4 News says Brassow deleted the ad in order to keep the cards a secret. Unfortunately, the photos went viral after he shared the final on some private Facebook pages – before his family even received the cards in the mail.

His aunt from Arizona read about the prank in an article but didn’t realize it was Brassow at first.

“She was laughing so hard she was crying and all of a sudden realizes it’s her goofy nephew,” he tells Good Morning America. Brassow says his parents actually laughed at the photos after speculation – and the images are now on their computer background.

Between intimidating expressions and the “couple’s” height difference (she stood on a box), the card is hilarious. It’s even better that Brassow’s family has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Want a copy of the photo? Now you can have one. After the launch of the Christmas card, Good Morning America says Brassow created a Kickstarter page for people have the card too.

What do you think of this Christmas card prank? Tell us in the comments section below.

Photo courtesy of Fox News 4


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