Couple Live Streams Son's Birth on Facebook

Live streams have been used to broadcast video games, interesting stunts or tricks, and live Q&As with 20-something YouTubers. How about live streaming childbirth? You can now add that to your list thanks to the California woman who recently give birth via live stream on Facebook.

Sarah Dome gave birth to her son while the baby’s dad, Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, recorded the childbirth in the 45-minute live stream. Dome knew the birth was being filmed, CBC News reports, but had no idea dad was streaming the video via Facebook Live.

Not familiar with this Facebook option? “Facebook Live is the social media giant’s first foray into live broadcasting – an already crowded field, with Google’s YouTube and Twitter’s Periscope offering live-streaming broadcasting,” The Guardian notes.

This live stream definitely got attention from viewers – but they had mixed feelings about streaming childbirth.

Comments on The Guardian article were mostly negative. PatLux says, “Another reason to be happy I have never gone anywhere near Facebook.”

Some people, however, find childbirth to be a beautiful thing to watch, and say that people who don’t like it just shouldn’t watch it.

Dome, the new mom who is seen in the 45-minute video, agrees.

“Everyone can have their opinion [but] to me, it’s beautiful. It’s a blessing,” Dome says.

Some people are indifferent and feel that it was bound to happen some time. Laurence Hebberd tweets, “A woman just gave birth live on Facebook. We’ve officially reached peak Internet.”

Dome and Eiki are both perfectly happy having the birth online for the world to see, and Eiki wanted to record for his son to remember later in life, he tells CBC News.

Dome hopes that this shows other mothers that they too can give birth and to not be ashamed about it.

I’m happy for the couple and the baby, however, is this over-sharing? I think it is, and many others do too. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, or a ploy for attention as many commenters think, but it is not something I would want my friends and family to see.

Nor would I want to see my own birth, which Eiki hopes to show his son someday. The couple’s son may one day be OK seeing it, but I’d be mortified if my friends found that online when I was in high school – or at any age, really.

Still, birth is a beautiful event, and a healthy, natural birth is a blessing for Dome and her son, and if she’s OK having her labor and delivery online, then it’s her decision.

What do you think? Is this TMI or are we overreacting? Let us know in the comments!


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