‘Crazy Jewish Mom’ Texts to Daughter Go Viral

I think we can all agree that some mothers tend to be a tad bit embarrassing at times. They may show off an old photo of you with huge bows and braces or mention a time when you wet your pants in front of the entire family.

However, this New Jersey mother who identifies herself as “Crazy Jewish Mom” is one of a kind, according to an article from Today Parents. Rather than publicly causing her dear daughter grief, mom, who according to Today, prefers not reveal her name, privately sends her 26-year-old daughter Kate Siegel uncomfortable text messages giving advice and opinions on her relationship, appearance and life choices.

Whether she wants to express her opinions about her daughter’s boyfriend, who she refers to as “Superjew” or is busy reminding her daughter that her eggs are dying off one by one, this New Jersey mom’s texts are entertaining for some – and hit close to home for others.

Daughter Siegel told Today Parent that she knows “even the most outrageous stuff comes from a place of love and humor.” With that said, she decided to create an Instagram account for the purpose of sharing the funny texts her mom sends.

On her Instagram page called “crazyjewishmom,” you can find screenshots of many text threads between the mother-daughter duo. One text dated Feb. 1 reads, “Kate. Did you do your kegels? I’m serious you should set a daily kegel alarm if you’re going to forget. I really worry about your vagina.” Another, dated Feb. 2 reads, “I have an amazing idea for an app. We can make a cell phone that shoots pepper spray. Isn’t that great? We can call it The iMace.” Each is followed by a short, sarcastic reply from the clearly annoyed daughter.

Her Instagram page has 283,000 followers, and public feedback to the mom-daughter texting duo has been a mix of those who find it funny and those who simply do not and agreed with the “crazy” in her name.

One Buzzfeed commenter Benji Young stated, “I can’t even laugh at it. Some of them are just kind of … sad. Not overbearing. Just sad.” Another commenter Heather Gallay agreed: “I’d seriously had cut her out of my life years ago. What a nightmare.”

Then you have those who disagree like Huffington Post commenter Geraldine Leer who says, “Hilarious, and yet makes me miss my own mother. Yours is a gem. You’ll miss those texts some day.” Commenter Sharon Steiger agreed, saying, “I thought it was kind of quirky and fun. Something I would do to my daughter as well. My daughter and I are close and this would bring both of us to laughter if I did this to her. Maybe a few eye rolls, but overall humor.”

All in all, Siegel knows that her mother only wants what is best for her. She told Huffington Post that despite the overwhelming messages, she realizes she is where she is today is due to her mother’s “support and guidance.”

So who are we to judge or form opinions on the dynamic of their relationship? If they understand each other and see no harm in the outrageous conversations, then we should not be concerned. I know I tend to get crazy emails and text messages from my mother all the time that most would be outraged over if they were from the receiving end. However, it is the experiences that we have shared, which has shaped the way we communicate and understand one another and for that reason, we owe no one an explanation of our “crazy” relationship.


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