Dad Accidentally Sends Daughter to School Without Pants

His daughter told him her training underwear was pants. He took her word for it, but she was wrong – and dad sent her to school in her skivvies.

From the outside, parents look like they’ve got it all together, but let’s face it: That’s not always true. Fact is, mom and dad are human, and sometimes they make mistakes.

Of course, most parents are going to remember to put on their kids’ pants before sending them off to preschool. Brad Friedlander is not most parents.

His wife, Aliza, has a part-time job that she had to work one morning. This meant that it was daddy-o’s turn to make the morning routine go off without a hitch, which included getting their daughter up, dressed and dropped off at preschool.

Dad let daughter, Brooklyn, pick out her clothing that morning, and the tot chose a nice pair of white potty-training underwear to complete that day’s ensemble – she also convinced her dad that they were shorts.

He then took Brooklyn to school. Shortly after, mom apparently got word that her little girl wasn’t wearing pants – because she texted her husband, “you sent her to school in underwear.”

Brad wasn’t sure who she was talking about so mom explained a bit further. Dad then responded that Brooklyn said they were shorts.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that the fashion faux pas was the “talk of the school,” to which Brad responded “at least she’s wearing something.”

And he definitely has a point.

He had his marching orders and he completed them. He got her up, he got her dressed and he got her where she was supposed to be in order to continue her early education.

Brooklyn’s outfit may not be the most socially acceptable, but she was there and ready to learn and play. Best of all, dad probably learned a lesson in all of this, too: If you aren’t sure what’s pants, maybe give mom – or whoever handles the daily routine – a call and confirm before you leave the house.

Have you ever made any funny parenting mistakes? Tell us about them in the comments.


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