Dad Gets Unexpected Reaction to Terrible Christmas Gifts

Some kids might want the hottest toy for Christmas, but the Cocker toddlers of Britain proved they are quite content with fruit and veggies when they thanked their father after he pranked the pair with a couple of gag gifts.

The story goes a little something like this: Tim Cocker wondered if his kids realized just how lucky they are on Christmas morning. To find out, he wrapped up a banana and onion and let his kids open their "presents" two weeks early.

Like all kids, they were super excited to get to open a gift. They ripped off the red and white wrapping paper to reveal quite the surprise. After looking at their presents for a minute, they actually thank their dad for "the banana" and "the pumpkin (onion)" with huge smiles on their faces.

Take a peek at the video to see the cuteness unfold:

Talk about being grateful!

While we aren't sure exactly what else the kids will be getting this Christmas, we do know that Facebook users and ET Online readers are giving the parents some huge kudos for raising their kids so well.

"These children are so grateful no matter what was in the wrapping paper," Facebook user, Diana Gaylord wrote on the ET Online article. "Not like spoiled brats or spoiled snobby parents who only think their little one deserves items that cost a lot of money. (Sad those parents have totally lost the meaning of Christmas.) This Dad's got it!"

Others are praising the kids for their reactions and are calling for the parents to deliver an awesome Christmas.

"I love, love, love these babies," Lisa Cinae Garcia posted to the same ET Online article. "I hope they get a whole bunch of awesome gifts, they deserve it…"

We completely agree! It's not every day that you find a kid that loves an onion just as much as she loves a Barbie.


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