Dad Sends Confused Texts While Buying Pads for Daughter

It’s not often that a guy has the experience of going to the grocery store and picking out pads. But when the situation does present itself, it can be amusing – as the texts from a United Kingdom dad to his daughter prove.

The Bedfordshire dad went to the store to pick up pads for his daughter. His daughter, Facebook user Tia Savva, took screenshots of the texts her dad was sending from the Tesco grocery store and posted them on social media. The best part was his confused questions. Tia’s post on Facebook read, “I’m nearly as stressed as my Dad trying to find the right sanitary towels.”

Take a look at the convo:

I can’t say I blame dad for all the confusion, and it’s all kind of funny and slightly adorable. Especially when he asks if she needs any cream and if he should smell the pads. I mean, he’s probably never had to learn this stuff before, so good for him for going on the errand for her.

But on another note, why are periods and the things that come with them still so unfamiliar to adult men anyway? Shouldn’t they be taught when they’re young along with girls about periods, pads and tampons so it can all seem less foreign and more normal to them, too – since you know, it is normal? Then one day, guys can be helpful friends, boyfriends, husbands and dads – and not make the process of picking up pads at the grocery store something that is laughable. Food for thought.

What did you think of this dad’s texts? Did you think they were funny? Tell us in the comments!


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