Dad Takes Hilarious, Creative Snapchat Photos of Infant Son

Log in to social media and throughout your feed you’ll see photos of your friend’s babies. Tons and tons of babies. They’re cute, don’t get me wrong, but the photos are usually nothing wildly different.

“Snapdad” takes sharing baby photos on social media to a whole new level, though. Graphic designer Lukas Costeur has a Tumblr page where he shares his creative versions of Snapchat photos of his son, Felix. He edits his adorable son’s pics using just a Nexus 5 smartphone, Wacom Bamboo stylus, Duracell power bank and a USB cable to transform Felix into numerous characters, including many beloved and well-known pop culture icons.

Check ’em out! There’s Waldo from Where’s Waldo, a Jedi from the Star Wars movies, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series – even Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Many commenters on the Daily Mail article were positive about dad’s illustrations, with one by the name of Babycham-sparkle saying, “Wow that is fab! Very talented and what a gorgeous little man.” It’s hard to hate on this, as noted by commenter Nina, who wrote, “I wanted to moan but I can’t. He’s so cute!”

Of course, there are always haters. One commenter called the art “boring and pathetic” and questioned why Snapdad was newsworthy, while another bemoaned dad had “too much time” on his hands.

However, I think this is awesome. If this is how dad spends time with his son, that’s great. My favorite doodles? Harry Potter and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

I love seeing all these imaginative parents inspired by their kids, like the dad who made a Godzilla-esque film of his, or this mom’s edited photos of baby wearing makeup. It’s really nice to see the fun they can have as a family. It’s a unique bonding experience and something these kids will likely laugh about and cherish when they’re older.

What do you think about Snapdad’s artistic creations all done with his son’s photos? Which is your favorite?

Photo courtesy Babble / Snapdad


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