Dads Everywhere Are Taking the 'Cheerios Challenge'

How high can you go? Dads across social media are trying to answer this question by taking part in what may be the greatest “dad joke” of all time: the Cheerios Challenge.

The challenge came to life thanks to Patrick Quinn, the founder of “Life of Dad,” a social network for fathers.

Quinn was playing with his infant son, Maxton, on his lap when the tot fell asleep.

As any parent can attest to, it can get kind of boring watching your baby snooze, afraid to move, lest you want to deal with a screaming child. When Quinn spotted the bowl of Cheerios his older son had left within arm’s reach, he got the idea to try to balance one on Maxton’s nose.

Quinn reached a grand total of five, before his stack toppled over. He posted his triumphant victory on his site, and it all snowballed from there, turning one dad’s bored escapades into a worldwide competition.

“It’s pretty bananas how it took off,” Quinn told CNN.

So far, the record stack hit just under 20 Cheerios, which Quinn told Buzzfeed was the “Everest of Cheerio stacking.” Other dads are opting out of reaching new heights, and instead are choosing to add their own flair to the challenge by making multiple stacks on their child, trying it when their child is awake, or using other types of food, like Reese’s cups or pancakes.

Here at Metro Parent, we are all for having a fun time with your tot, but sometimes hanging out with an infant who can’t hold their head up, let alone hold a conversation, can get a little lonely, especially around naptime. Parents need a little time for their own entertainment and sanity, and this was one dad’s way of doing just that.

The biggest question we have for him? How do you manage not to laugh and wake your baby in the process? I nearly spit my coffee on my computer I was laughing so hard.

What do you think of this challenge? Tell us in the comments below.


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