Daughter Eats the Cat's Ice Cream – and Mom is Not Having it

This past week, 20-year-old Jenny Katz found out that she wasn’t the favorite child in her house when she ate the rest of the ice cream in the freezer and upset her mom.

Why? Well, the ice cream belonged to the cat (yes, mom is a certified cat lady and we love it!)

In a series of hilarious texts, Katz’s mom, Debbie, discovers it was her daughter who ate all of the ice cream. Debbie and Coco, the 17-year-old cat, have a little French vanilla ice cream every night before bed – and were very disappointed that there was none left.

“Is this a real conversation,” Katz tweets, with screenshots of the text messages between her and her mom.

Most people find this hilarious and, like me, can relate.

“This is literally my mom with my cat and Greek yogurt – couldn’t be more spoiled,” says Silvana Gallo on Facebook.

Some people are concerned for the cat’s health, saying that it isn’t good for a cat to eat ice cream.

“Cute but … uh … you shouldn’t feed your cat ice cream. At the very least buy the stuff at PetSmart that’s MADE for dogs or cats. Feeding them human ice cream is incredibly irresponsible.” says Naomi Burger.

However, a little ice cream won’t harm anyone, and if a cat of her age enjoys it, she deserves it.

Some pet parents love to split their food with their best friend, and Debbie Katz is one of them.

Both mom and daughter say they have no hard feelings, and Katz now knows that Popsicles just won’t do for their fancy feline.

In fact, the 20-year-old tweeted a video to show that her fur sibling finally got her spoonful of ice cream.


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