Do We Really Need a Tooth Fairy Doll?

As a kid, I remember how excited I was when I lost a tooth. I knew that meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy and I’d find some cash under my pillow in the morning. So you’d think as an adult that I’d be really impressed by the My Best Tooth Fairy Friend also known as My BTFF.

Well, I’m not.

First, let’s get you up to speed on this stuffed fairy, which was released by 3rd ROE Media and boasts being, “a modern day version of a classic character.” It is, as the website notes, “a Tooth Fairy that will become a lifetime companion for kids and a captivating way for parents to be involved in one of their child’s most memorable experiences of growing up.”

At the first sign of a loose tooth, My BTFF appears and when kids finally lose a tooth, she takes it back to Fairy Land and leaves behind special notes.

So, why am I not sold on this item, which is available on for $34.99 and comes with a doll, a storybook, 10 leave-behind poems and stickers and one tooth vessel?

I find this Tooth Fairy – like Elf on the Shelf and Mensch on a Bench – to be yet another thing parents are going to feel required to buy for their children – and something they have to actually remember to put out when their kid’s tooth is loose. Parents have enough expenses, like feeding and clothing their kids. And they have enough to think and worry about on a day-to-day basis. Do they really have to purchase another novelty item that every kid is going to feel like he or she needs to have?

Scary Mommy described this doll as, “a creepy, winged troll-ish doll reeking of consumerism and preying on our parenting vulnerabilities” – and I couldn’t agree more.

The company responded to some of the bloggers who think this stuffed fairy is stupid. In a note on their website, the company says it’s not trying to make things worse for parents and is saddened by people’s need to, “keep up with the Joneses on social media.” The post on their site goes on to say that if parents are so caught up with that sort of competition, they need to put their phones down and spend more time with their kids.

Really? Yes, this is how the company responded to bloggers talking about how unnecessary this Tooth Fairy is.

We should just kick it old school. Sneak in at night, avoid stepping on anything or knocking it over, and slide that cash under your kid’s pillow. Don’t worry about buying a doll to enhance the experience.

What do you think of My Best Tooth Fairy Friend? Would you get it for your kid or do you also think it’s a waste of money?


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