Fisher-Price’s High Tech Exercise Bike for Toddlers

In case you didn’t already know from reading my recent post, I’m on the fence about technology and kids. While I think it’s wonderful in many ways, I believe we’ve become too dependent on screens and home assistance devices.

So it shouldn’t be surprising to know that I’m slightly appalled by Fisher-Price’s new Think and Learn Smart Cycle. This exercise bike for kids, Scary Mommy reports, has a tablet holder so your child can have screen time while he’s working out. It’s screen time for learning purposes, of course, The Huffington Post notes – as learning and having fun while being active is the company’s marketing tool for this product.

It was introduced at the Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas and is being targeted at 3- to 6-year-old children. The bike allows kids to play games on a tablet or smart TV while they pedal.

This isn’t the first cycling product that the company has created. In fact, The Huffington Post notes the original Smart Cycle was released a decade ago – although that bike required you to plug it in instead of having Bluetooth connectivity like this newer model.

Some say this product is a good thing, especially for kids in the wintertime when it’s too cold to bike outside or for those who live in rougher neighborhoods or areas without a yard. Others criticize the additional TV time and note that bicycles are still an option, along with running through the backyard.

I still think the product is a bit much. Do kids really need screen time while being active? Isn’t there a better way?

I will say this: It’s not as bad as the company’s no-longer-for-sale baby seat that had an iPad connection. Although, this product did seem to strike a cord with parents of special needs children as you can see by many of the reviews.

Perhaps this new exercise bike will do the same. Time will tell, right?

If you disagree with me and are interested in purchasing this $150 Smart Cycle, you’ll have to wait until the end of summer or early fall 2017, Huffington Post notes.

What do you think of this item? Would you purchase it for your kids? Tell us in the comments below.


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