Funny ‘Bird Box’ Memes for Moms and Dads

The smash-hit Netflix scary movie with metro Detroit roots has launched loads of blindfold memes – and families are getting serious comic relief in the process.

A new post-apocalyptic made-for-TV movie has spawned a mess of memes. And the most terrifyingly entertaining creations just might be the puns on parenthood.

The buzz around the Netflix flick Bird Box has been inescapable since it hit the tube on Dec. 13. Based on the 2014 novel by Detroit garage rocker John Malerman, the R-rated movie follows a reluctant mom who gives birth in the midst of an epidemic where an “ominous unseen presence” drives almost anyone who sees it to commit suicide.

So the survivors – including mom, Malorie, who’s played by Sandra Bullock – don blindfolds to avoid glimpsing the horror that spells doom.

Yeah: It’s heavy, scary stuff. Especially when you consider that Malorie ultimately sets off with two small kids, both under age 4, on a harrowing 48-hour rowboat ride down a rough river in hopes of finding an enclave of other survivors.

Again, all while blindfolded. (And you thought keeping toddlers alive under normal circumstances was tough.)

On the one hand, I guess unsurprisingly, all this has led to a dangerous YouTube challenge dubbed “the Bird Box challenge,” where people wander around outside wearing a blindfold. (Please – do not. Even Netflix has come out warning people against pulling this very dumb stunt.)

But, in much safer news, that iconic image of Malorie in the boat with her kiddos (see above) has emerged as a top entry in what Metro Times has dubbed “the last great meme of 2018.”

And parents and kids have definitely gone for broke – as showcased by South African news website TimesLIVE.

Here’s one rock-solid offering for the enterprising tween looking to avoid a few household chores.

Plus a similar spin for younger kids, compliments of Mamas Uncut on Facebook.

This ace Photoshop job nails the pain of bypassing the toy aisle.

And Salty Mermaid Entertainment couldn’t resist a little before-and-after-kids photo fun.

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Kids are scarier than "the creatures" – there, we said it.

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Even if you haven’t seen the movie – which broke Netflix records with over 45 million views in its first week – it’s easy to wrap your brain around the monsoon of memes that has popped up in its wake.

Little wonder parents have had a bit of a field day with it, too.

Oh, and it probably goes without saying at this point: But if you haven’t seen Bird Box yet, definitely save this one for date night.

Have you watched Bird Box? As a parent, what are your feelings about this Netflix movie? Let us know in the comments!


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