Holy Creepy Fetus! 4 Unsettling Ultrasound Images

Babies are little aliens. They literally enter a strange new world filled with bright lights. They are wrinkly and weird (yet oddly cute). I mean, a newborn’s head is even two centimeters bigger than its chest – so the government will have you believe.

And there seems to be Internet evidence that, in some cases, babies might, in fact, be using mom’s belly as their own personal UFO. At least, that’s what their eerie ultrasounds look like. This fang-bearing tot, who almost resembles Skeletor with dentures, does not appear to come in peace.

Oh Mother recently stumbled upon a roundup of 13 “terrifying” baby ultrasounds on Boredom Therapy – credited in part to Scared Yet? There’s another over at the older-school CollegeHumor. And probably tons more. The web loves babies, after all. Especially ones that look Rosemary’s.

Professional aggregators we are, we Googled a bit – but, alas, found no cries of “Fake!” on Snopes.com. However, both traditional 3D and even newer 4D ultrasounds can produce odd angles and anomalies. A few years back, one mom took to The Bump to bemoan that her unborn girl looked like “a frog with horns.” Meanwhile, on the CollegeHumor piece, Kim McGlothlin boasted, “My (baby’s) first ultrasounds looked like Abe Lincoln. Top hat, beard and all.”

This small fry resembles neither of those things. However, this one at least hovers somewhere between an unnerving silent scream – and an understandable “Holy crap, I am so not ready for my close-up – get that camera outta here!!” expression.

The ultrasound process itself relies on “reflected signals,” according to the Institute of Physics, to basically build images of that wee fetus. “In essence,” the institute reports, “they are doing the same thing that dolphins do when they are searching for fish.”

Something’s definitely a bit fishy about this photo, at least. It appears to have also been declared the ultrasound of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, herself – by The Onion. “(She) needs much rest,” faux royal family reps told the satirical news source. “The vessel requires strength.”

Photoshop or not, this stuff is definitely a tad spooky. But not nearly as horrifying as the cost of raising and caring for that darling spawn once he/she is born, right?

As old curmudge Mr. Burns of The Simpsons fame might say – tapping his bony fingers as this sweet skeleton creature appears to be – “Exxxxcellent.”


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