Houston Brewery Reunites Child With Lost Unicorn Toy

Everyone knows unicorns are magical – but who knew they were master beer brewers, too? The story of a child separated from a beloved toy has a happy ending.

Like many bars, Eureka Heights Brewing Co. out of Houston, Texas is probably used to a strange customer here and there. However, it’s doubtful they’ve ever had to serve a pink and white plush unicorn before.

The animal made its way onto the company’s social media multiple times as employees attempted to reach out to its owners. The pictures were posted early Tuesday, March 19, addressing the father of the child who left the toy behind at the family-friendly brewery one night.

“Dear Dad who came by the brewery in a panic looking for his kid’s stuffed unicorn, it’s been found. We don’t have your contact info but hopefully you see this and swing by to appease the storm you’ve likely been dealing with at home,” wrote the employees behind the post, as reported by KHOU 11 out of Houston.

The staff took advantage of the marketing opportunity that the wayward unicorn gave them. Throughout the day they updated the post with pictures and descriptions of how the unicorn was faring as it waited for its family.

The unicorn had a full day at the brewery as it helped to keg and can beer, clean equipment and prep hops and malt. Finally, it is seen enjoying the fruits of its labor while posing with a full pint.

While it is unknown whether the unicorn enjoyed its time at the brewery, the social media campaign definitely worked. Not only did the family find the unicorn, but followers of Eureka Heights loved seeing the plush toy put to work.

Keri Leo comments, “This is seriously the most wholesome thing on the internet. You guys are the best!” Jordan Wiggins Lopez agrees, saying, “These pics will make for a cute bonus page to a baby book once the kid gets older.”

Some users took the chance to warn the owners of the potential danger the unicorn was in hanging out at such an establishment.

Robin S. Silvers writes, “Better get it soon before the unicorn grows a beard and gets a (tattoo) sleeve.”

And Andrea Kidwell Keprta brings up the idea that the unicorn might be put in a brew itself. “Unicorn beer,” she writes, “made with real unicorns.”

Whether they supported the unicorn’s temporary position in the brewery or worried for how the experience would change the toy, followers seemed to all agree that it would be a shame for the brewery to not create a Brewnicorn beer. Perhaps Eureka Heights will get more than a fun photo-op out of their guest brewer? Guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for the labels.

For now, the unicorn is likely grateful to be on its way home to the child who has been worrying about their toy. Let’s hope the family doesn’t lose their plush friend again, or the unicorn may end up working multiple jobs in the service industry.

Have a funny story about your kids losing their toys with a happy ending? Tell us about it in the comments!


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