Husband Stages ‘Sexy’ House-Cleaning Photo Shoot

This dude took a page from Mr. Clean's book and staged his own sexy photos to send to his wife.

Last year during the Super Bowl, which many of us watch solely for the commercials (that’s me!), Mr. Clean launched arguably its best commercial to promote its cleaning supplies.

The ad also served as encouragement for men to help around the house every once in a while.

If you don’t remember it, watch the video below to refresh your memory:

While the ad is hilarious, there’s also a lot of truth to it. It really is a turn-on when men handle the housework so we don’t have to. After all, most moms and dads are both working outside of the house, so it’s only fair they divide the housework, right? Still, it seems like most of the cleaning and laundry falls to mom.

If only men realized they could get some action if they picked up a mop every once in a while.

Well, one dude – Reddit user dirty-old-slob – definitely knows that if he transforms the house from dirty to clean, he just might earn some sexy time with his wife. So, in an effort to get her going (and likely make her LOL) while she was at work, he staged his own sexy cleaning photo shoot.

He posted the innuendo-filled pics to Reddit – and I can’t stop laughing. Yes, they are dumb, but they are hilarious.

“Instead of traditional dirty pictures, his sexts involve his thoroughly washing the dishes and winking while he gets the laundry done,” Cafe Mom writes.

Reddit users seemed to love the images, and some women even left comments saying these pics would work on them, Cafe Mom reports – after a good laugh, of course.

What I’m wondering is if he folded the clothes and put them away – or if he left the pile of laundry for his wife. I’m hoping he handled things from start to finish. Because if not, I don’t think he should get the end result he’s hoping for.

What do you think of these pictures? Would you love it if your partner sent you snaps like these? Tell us in comments.

Photo courtesy of dirty-ol-slob via Reddit


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