‘Kiddie Couture’ is a Growing Business

That's right: Kids are better dressed than you are thanks to parents who are spending $5,000-plus on designer dresses for 5-year-olds.

Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli. When it comes to brand names, I’ve dreamed of wearing each of these designers. While it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be donning Dior any time soon, some random 5-year-old is probably wearing my dream dress as we speak.

Just thank “kiddie couture” for this one.

Wee ones can now dress to the nines, Yahoo Parenting reports, since more and more designers are hopping on the bandwagon to cultivate brand loyalty from young.

“What you’ll see on the runway, you will see in our children’s area — everything matches down,” luxury London-based retailer Harrods’ managing director Michael Ward recently told the Daily Mail about the increasing number of fashion houses creating clothes for kids,” Yahoo Parenting reports.

The article goes on to give price details on everything from a Dior silk crepe dress, which retails for $5,670 at Harrods to a Gucci hoodie for 6-to 9-month olds that sells for $380 to Fendi leather sneakers for about $190.

Parents, if you’re investing this kind of cash in your child’s wardrobe, you’re setting them up for failure. How? Where do they go from here? What happens if they can’t afford this kind of stuff when they’re on their own? Expectations are everything, and thanks to you, your child now expects designer duds for life. How about investing that cash in a college savings plan instead?

End of day, these material things don’t matter. Kids can look just as adorable in something from Target as they can in something from Gucci. Why waste the money on a kid who is going to grow out of the item of clothing after wearing it only a couple of times?

I think it’s crazy.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Parenting


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