Macy's Adds Changing Tables to Men's Room After Dad Complains

I don’t ever remember going to the mall with my dad. I’m sure we shopped together at some point, but definitely not alone when I was a baby because there was no way he was going to change my diaper and/or go out without my mom.

Dads today are a lot different, though, but it seems like society hasn’t fully caught up with millennials and their shared child care duties. Consider the dad in Prince George County, Maryland that had to cut his shopping trip short recently after realizing he didn’t have access to a public changing station at a Macy’s store, according to a post from Babble.

The department store did not offer a changing table in the men’s room. That means for those dads who are out and about with their kids – sans mommy – the option to change a baby in private is pretty much out the window.

That’s why Anthony Dew took matters into his own hands, Babble reports, when he wrote a letter to Macy’s chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren “on behalf of all fathers who need access to public changing tables.”

Dew was attempting to change his 4-month-old son before the shopping trip started to ensure the little guy was dry and happy. But he had no luck finding a changing station and ended up leaving the store without making a single purchase. Not good for Macy’s sales, right?

It turns out that the letter to the CEO worked. “Macy’s corrected the issue right away by renovating the men’s room at that location and adding a new changing table. Even better, Dew was given a Macy’s gift card to apologize for his poor shopping experience,” Babble adds.

This isn’t the first dad to express his frustration over the lack of changing tables available. In March 2015, new dad Ashton Kutcher complained that there weren’t changing tables in men’s bathrooms for him to change his then 5-month-old daughter, Wyatt.

Kutcher took to Facebook to vent about the issue, but it seems that many public places haven’t caught up with millennial dads. Therein lies the problem. This isn’t my dad’s generation of men. No offense to my wonderful father (love you, Rex!) but as I mentioned before, he wasn’t changing my diapers when I was a wee one.

What do you think of Macy’s quick response to this issue? Tell us in the comments section!


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