Meme Has People Turning to Twitter to Make Their ‘Dads’ Famous

The internet is a great tool for furthering careers. It's also a great place to claim you're related to celebrities. Now, Twitter users are doing both with a fun meme.

The trend started innocently enough. On March 28, Twitter user Collin Hayslett posted pictures of his Dad Clint who, at the age of 45, has decided to pursue a modeling career.

The post immediately went viral – and Hayslett’s dad ended up with 4,000 Instagram followers in just one week.

However, seeing the opportunity to have some fun, other Twitter users decided to copy the post’s message and apply it to their own promotions.

Some made posts similar to the original, featuring their own fathers.

Others decided they wanted to promote celebrities and even cartoon characters as their dads looking for work.

Here are seven “dads” whose “children” would really like you to help them go viral.

Real Dads Deserving Fame

1. The original model dad

“My Dad is 45, pursuing a modeling career, and I’ve never seen him happier. He told me he’s just waiting for a chance to blow up. So, Twitter, meet my dad.” This is how Clint’s son captions his photo.

The comments range from supportive to downright thirsty, with women asking Collin if he needs a stepmom – or if his mom would be willing to share.

Twitter user Thotscer (@ao_scar) writes: “@TheEllenShow get my bro’s dad that modeling career.”

Even if he doesn’t land the career of his dreams (though it looks like the odds are in his favor), at least Clint Hayslett and his son Colin started an internet sensation.

2. Full of possum-bilities

Twitter user Danny (@gottaluvdanny) made a post centered on her unconventional, possum-loving dad. The only difference between Danny’s caption and Collin’s is the dad’s age. At 52, Danny’s dad is a little bit older but still has tons of potential. After all, the modeling industry is always looking to break the mold, right?

Commenters were not nearly as impressed with Danny’s dad as they were with Collin’s. No one asks to be her stepmother, though they do appreciate his fashion sense.

Diane (@DianeHeckstall) comments, “he’s wearing Crocs, god love your dad.” To which Joe Breeze@JoeBreeze7 responds, “Camo crocs to boot lol.”

3. Bernese mountain dad

Piper (@piperjoness) wasn’t looking for Twitter fame for her dad. She didn’t use the “Twitter, meet my dad” caption, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a Twitter model in his own right.

Shown playing and posing with the family’s Bernese mountain dog, it is hard to tell who is more photogenic.

Commenters ate up the pictures of the happy dad and his pup. They ask to use the pictures as backgrounds and post pictures of their own dogs, seeing if they could be friends with the pair.

Piper apparently tweets often about her family, and these pictures show their bond. This has to be the most wholesome of the “Twitter, meet my dad” posts.

Celebrities we wish were our dads

4. Barack Opapa?

Hmm … how would Malia and Sasha feel about twitter user melodeep (@MelodyKloepfer) advertising their dad as her own on Twitter?

The post used the familiar “Twitter meet my dad” caption, noting the former president’s age and proposing that he’s pursuing his modeling career.

Commenters quickly jumped in to claim Obama as their dad as well. Hellgirl han (@exquisitehyd) writes, “This thread is one big happy family who I am glad to be a part of.” Maybe the politician really did bring the country together?

5. The 40-year-old virgin becomes father

Commenters reacted to the “Twitter, meet my dad” post about Steve Carell as they did to the one about Obama.

Tony (@tttonyy) created the post with four photos of Carell modeling in classic dad sweaters and suits and had everyone excited for the actor’s pursuit of a modeling contract.

Just as with Obama, folks tweeted about how he is everyone’s dad – but the best comments were those poking fun at the actor.

In reference to his role as Michael Scott, J (@jordansalazarxo) wrote, “He finally got out of that office job,” and Mich (@mich_laur) chimes in with, “Your dad looks like a manager of a paper company, maybe in Scranton or something.”

The top coment, though, came from El Papu Gomez (@GLuiisss): “Bro your dad just lost his virginity 5 years ago.”

Cartoon dads look to switch careers

6. Mufatha

Eileen Mary O’Connell (@i_Lean) brought an icon back to life for the viral trend. We all know and love Mufasa as Simba’s dad, but the comedy writer claimed him as her own and is trying to get his career back on track.

While some commenters loved the fun play on the trend, others were quick to point out that Mufasa is, well … no longer with us. One commenter simply deadpans, “too soon.” To which O’connell replies, “Long live the King!”

While he may technically be out of the running for a big modeling career, he remains one of Disney’s most iconic dads and therefore deserves to go viral on Twitter.

7. Crabby daddy

“Hey. He may be a crustaceous cheapskate, but he’s MY crustaceous cheapskate,” writes Foxy Grandma (@officialfoxygma) in response to a hater on the post she made about Krusty Krab owner Mr. Krabs.

The cartoon character is known on the show as the father of Pearl Krabs, but it seems Foxy Grandma has other plans for the Mr. Krabs. Not only is she calling him her dad; she’s enlisting him for a modeling career.

Surprisingly (or not, to certain fans), the commenters were almost as thirsty as those on the original Twitter “meet my dad” post. Indeed, some even asked the poster if she wanted a stepmom.

So far, this cartoon dad’s modeling career looks like it’s being taken very seriously.

Bonus: Twitter, meet my mom

8. Celine Di-mom, Gillian Mom-derson and Mama-Streep

The trend isn’t just for hot dads. Moms need their modeling careers pumped up, too. These three twitter users, Chris Hanna (@Chris_Hanna), Keaton Kilde (@keatonkildebell) and Kathi (@kathifrufoo) wanted to draw attention to their favorite leading ladies and songstresses by pretending they were their daughters.

To be fair, who can blame anyone for wanting to be the child of any of these incredible ladies? Twitter, Meet these “moms.”


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