Mom Foils Son's 'Netflix and Chill' Plans

Think back to a time when you used the phrase “watch a movie” to talk about hanging out with a girl or boy you liked. You and your peers knew what that really meant.

If mom or dad walked in the room and caught you making out (or God forbid, worse) on the couch, it would be mortifying, right? Apparently, there is a teen out there who skipped embarrassed and went straight to pure outrage when his mom interrupted his “Netflix and chill” plans (that’s the newer term for “watching a movie” but actually fooling around while the movie is playing in the background).

The teen featured in the video of the incident is not only irate – he’s downright disrespectful and vulgar. See for yourself. But we warn you the language is harsh. Do not watch around the kids!

Warning: This video is inappropriate for kids due to the language used.

But in case you’d rather not risk watching the vid, here’s a synopsis: When mom demands her teen son puts on his pajamas and doesn’t leave for the night, he explodes on her, yelling, “I was seriously about to do something with that girl and then my phone in my pocket (vibrating sound) – and I was like f***!”

It gets more explicit. The kid shouts that the girl he was hanging out with was about to perform oral sex, and he tells his mom he was “this f***ing close!”

The video disgusted me. I was astounded by the lack of respect and the foul language this kid used while arguing with his mother. Having a mature and open conversation with your teen about sexual activities is one thing, but this teen’s uncouth way of addressing his frustration crosses a line – and is certainly anything but a “conversation.”

We don’t know who is filming, or if this video is even real, but regardless, it isn’t funny. It shows a level of teenage anger I’ve never seen, and it pains me for this mom. How do you teach your kid to backtrack from this attitude to have respect for you as a parent? I hope this type of behavior hasn’t been allowed in the home before this point, but I have to wonder.

Were you shocked by this video? What would you do if your teen talked back to you this way? Comment and share your thoughts.


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