Mom is Selling ‘Passive Aggressive’ Lunch Bags

A California mother of two decided to share her thoughts with her kids via their lunch bags. Now, she's making a profit with her snarky remarks.

If your mom ever packed your lunch and added a handwritten note, you were sure to have a great start to the rest of your day. It showed she was thinking of you during the morning rush before school.

Sometimes, lunch even gets forgotten during the morning chaos when the kids are waking up late and you forgot to sign all of those permission slips for their class field trip.

And even if you do find the time to write a note, do you even know what you want to say?

One mom knew exactly what to say – and decided to get a paper bag and a marker involved to relieve some of those morning stressors.

Whitney Cicero of Southern California has two kids – a 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son – and is now known as the mom who sends her them off to school with “passive aggressive lunch bags.”

According to Today, Cicero said she decided to write on her kids’ brown paper bags after her own internal dialogue seemed too funny not to share.

Some of the bags read, “Just pretend it’s Chipotle,” or “I could have slept in and dreamt about Idris Elba but instead I got up and packed this. You better eat it.”

And after Cicero’s daughter encouraged her to share photos of the bags on Instagram, they’re now available to purchase – lunch not included – on her website,

For $9.99, plus shipping, you can purchase a 10-bag set. New ones come out every month.

If moms are now making money off of their raw and unapologetic thoughts, I want in on this whole parenting thing.

But there’s something important to remember here that Cicero points out – and that is to have a sense of humor with your kids.

Cicero tells Today that she and her kids joke about everything from sex to drugs to politics and even their bodies, so they don’t think anything is taboo.

Maybe consider picking up these bags for your kids this holiday season?

Photo by Whitney Cicero / The New Stepford

If you had the chance, what would you want to write on your kids’ lunch bags? Tell us in the comments below!


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