Mom Mistakes Tag for Ghost in Baby’s Crib

She swore she saw a crying baby in her son's baby monitor and stayed up all night to ensure his safety. Turns out, it wasn't a ghost. Dad just forgot the fitted sheet.

Halloween is right around the corner and spooky season is in full swing, meaning we’re all probably a little on edge and more susceptible to seeing the unexplained.

This rings true for one Illinois mom who thought she saw a ghost in her son’s baby monitor.

32-year-old Maritza Elizabeth recently posted on Facebook that she was “freaked out” after seeing a face lying in the crib with him – and with good reason, because there’s clearly a screaming baby face in there!

As any good mom would do, Maritza crept quietly into the room to make sure that her son was OK. But didn’t see anything. So she stayed awake most of the night to ensure his safety and went back in the morning to investigate what she saw.

Then, she realized that her husband had forgotten to put the mattress protector on the crib when he changed the crib’s sheets earlier and what she had seen was, in fact, no screaming face but, rather, the tag on junior’s crib. So much for “paranormal activity.”

Maritza joked that she could have killed her hubby for the spook, but other moms got a real kick out of the mistake.

“Noooooope … I’d be going in the room with a cross, some salt and a gun… scooping up my baby and getting them right out of there,” writes one Bethany Stack. “I’m still dying about this.”

“Omg, I would’ve lost my sh– and ran in there! Or, let’s be honest, I’d make my husband run in there,” adds a Lauren Marie.

And I’m on her side. I would have peed my pants if I’d seen a ghost baby cuddling with my kids – and my hubby? He never would’ve heard the end of it.

Granted, I’m sure that her hubby didn’t mean to give her such a fright, but let’s be real: A screaming baby in your child’s crib that isn’t your baby is a bit freaky, especially this time of year.

What would you have done if you saw a “ghost” baby in your child’s crib? Let us know in the comments.


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