Mom Poses for Maternity Photo Shoot at Target

And the totally relatable pics – snapped everywhere from the toy aisle to the freezer section – have gone viral.

No flowy gown or bump-hugging bodycon dress. No field of wildflowers or graffiti-filled wall. It was just jeans and a “Pregnant AF” T-shirt at a local Target for one mom’s maternity shoot – and the pics are pregnancy perfection.

Photographer Heather Pippin and pregnant her friend Page Miller, also a photographer, thought Target was the perfect place for Miller’s maternity photo shoot.

“If you know me, you know I have a huge love for Target. It’s where I do 90 percent of my shopping,” Miller told TODAY. “Other than the sitting on the floor, everything we did in the photos we’ve done before.”

The mom, whose 3-month old son, Clarke, passed away from SIDS last September, is pregnant with her third child – her rainbow baby. Pippin says the photo experience, which has gone viral, “has turned into a positive way to really show how tough of a mom Page is…”

Miller and her 3-year-old daughter, Avery, took to Target’s aisles – from the toy section to the frozen food area to Starbucks – to pose for the adorable and totally relatable pics.

“This was so much fun, a creative way to pay homage to all those awesome Target Moms out there,” Pippin wrote on her Facebook page. “The ones with the messy buns, half empty before you even make it to the back of the store Starbucks cups, toys you aren’t really buying and cheese balls to get you through the store.”

I, for one, love this! I love that this mom didn’t take herself too seriously. While those high-fashion photo shoots are popular these days, no one really lives that way, you know? Or at least no one I know is that glamorous all the time – especially by the end of pregnancy.

There’s one photo, in particular, that I love because of the special meaning to this mom. As you see in the photo above, Miller poses with two different Superman onesies for a very important reason.

“After Clarke passed away, Superman really became our sign. It always reminds me to take a deep breath. Whenever I see it, I think of Clarke saying to me ‘Mom, I’m here… it’s OK,'” she told TODAY.

Naturally mom – who isn’t finding out the gender of the baby – bought both onesies for her bundle of joy. Such a sweet way to pay tribute to her son.

While the pics are great, I get the impression the ladies didn’t quite get permission from the folks at Target to do the shoot – so you might not want to try this one on your own. Unless you can keep it low key.

Pippin told Babble that they were as “discrete as possible to not bother business and to be respectful.” And no one seemed to think it was weird, except for dad-to-be, Brad, who refused to be seen with Miller and their daughter.

What do you think of this maternity shoot? Would you do something like this? Tell us in comments.


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