Mom Posts Nude Photo of Son's Ex-Girlfriend Online

A Pennsylvania mom is being charged with cyber harassment of a child after posting a nude image of an underage girl online.

Forty-year-old Danita Michaux took things a little too far when her son and his girlfriend broke up – and now mom is in big trouble.

Here’s what happened, according to reports from WTAE Pittsburgh’s Action News 4: At the time the photo was sent – which was in 2013 – the young woman in the picture was 12 years old. She sent the image to her then boyfriend, Michaux’s son. Like most tween love affairs, things ended. But after the two broke up, stuff got crazy. Michaux began sending harassing messages to the girl and her family – and even posted the nude photo on Facebook.

State police got a warrant and went through Michaux’s Facebook page where they found the nude photos and harassing messages sent to the girl’s aunt, WTAE Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports.

The Stir notes that Michaux was sending text messages as recently as December 2015.

How could an adult do this to a child? Yes, the young girl was foolish for sending a “frontal from the waist up” nude image of herself to a boy, but this mom should have left the entire situation alone.

Kids are going to date and break up. That’s part of life. Why did mom feel it was necessary to get involved – and what kind of example is she setting for her son?

She put that photo online where anyone could easily have saved the image or taken a screenshot. And now that picture is going to live online forever. It’s humiliating for the young girl who made a mistake because she’s naïve. It’s shocking that an adult would stoop this low.

What do you think of this incident? Tell us in the comments.


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