Mom Rants About School Drop-Off Zone Etiquette

Ah, the school drop-off zone. One car decides to stop right before the parking lot and then there’s a pile-up of cars waiting to pull in. Is this a familiar scenario for you?

It’s a common “first world problem” that mom Jenny Ingram took to YouTube to rant about, the Detroit Fee Press reports. The Seattle mother took to her YouTube channel, Jenny On the Spot, to tell users just what she thinks about this issue.

The No. 1 rule to drop-off zone etiquette, she says, is to pull forward. It seems simple but Ingram recounts a morning when a mother at the local high school did not follow that rule.

“We’re not talking about a rookie mom here,” she says in the video. “She pulled in and then she stopped. Right there! Even before the parking lot. She just stopped and let her kid get out of the car.”

Ingram explains that several cars were stuck on the road waiting for the mother to move. She says to pull up in the drop-off as far as you can.

“For people who do no pull forward, the world is bigger than you,” she adds.

Her video has gained popularity with parents – and has received positive reactions and nearly 500,000 views on YouTube. From a poll conducted by Detroit Free Press, 79 percent of people agreed with the pull forward rule while 21 percent did not. We’ll go with the majority on this one.

One commenter on Ingram’s YouTube video says her son rolls up the window every time she drops him off so people would not hear her yelling at cars ahead. Another video viewer says parents follow the rule when the principal is there watching over the parking lot.

Parents want to make sure their children get to school, but it’s called common courtesy, Ingram says. Some have to get to work and the unnecessary traffic created does not help make the mornings any easier.

Scary Mommy created the 10 Commandments of School Drop-Off & Pick Up. The first two commandments summarized what Ingram stressed – “Thou shalt drive in the correct direction” and “Thou shalt not park thy car wherever thou please.” Dropping kids off and picking them up are some of the most upsetting times in a parents’ daily life, the website says.

Some have said that this isn’t a very serious topic to be concerned about, but parents deal with others who believe it’s OK to stop anywhere in the drop-off zone. This causes traffic, safety hazards and frustration for drivers. It’s no surprise this mom is frustrated.

What are your thoughts? Have you dealt with it before? Tell us in the comments section below.


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