Mom Replicates Poses of Famous Art During Museum Trip

Angela Fullwood took her Smithsonian outing to the next level by making it her mission to mimic a bunch of paintings and statues, and the results are hilarious.

Let’s face it: Art museums are boring. You shouldn’t be too loud, you’re not supposed to touch anything – and you just stare at statues and paintings that you likely know little about. Where’s the fun in that? For some of you art enthusiasts who are reading this – I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.

However, if you sent me to a museum with journalist Angelique Fullwood’s mom Angela, I just might change my perspective. During a recent trip to the Smithsonian Art Museum, Angela replicated several different painting and statue poses – and the results have left me wanting to hang out at metro Detroit’s very own Detroit Institute of Arts with her.

Angelique took to Twitter to showcase her mother’s posing talents while at the Smithsonian. “My mom decided it was her time to shine,” she tweeted.

Well, she sure did shine – and outshine everything from Oscars statues to Beyonce to the Statue of Liberty and Bette Midler, among others. These works of art all got the Angela treatment – and I couldn’t help but LOL at her Smithsonian shenanigans.

Take a look at my personal favorites.

Bette Midler

Her face, that arm – priceless!

The Oscars

It takes effort to remain so still.

Grecian-inspired statue

So elegant. So thoughtful.

The kneeling statue.

I want to see the video of her getting back up after the weird lunge she had to do to take this pic.

… Not surprisingly, the internet went loco for Angela’s creativity. Some – like me – want to hang out with her, while one woman actually presented a pretty awesome idea.

“Um, please get her a TV show where she just travels around recreating art. 10/10 will watch,” @TasiaBass28 tweeted.

I agree. I would totally watch that show, too!

While this isn’t the first time someone has recreated a famous statue or work of art, Angela’s series of photos took things to another level.

Angelique says her mom is shocked by the response her pics have gotten.

“My mom is like ‘wow I can’t believe I’m trending,'” Angelique tweeted later. “But she just found out what that meant like two hours ago lol.”

I’m not surprised these feel-good pics have gotten extra attention. We could all use a laugh, right?

What do you think of this mom’s art museum escapades? Tell us in comments.


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