Mom Spoofs Pokémon Go Game with 'Chardonnay Go'

Pokémon Go has seriously taken hold of our communities. Just this past weekend, I walked the Detroit RiverWalk (to play Pokémon Go) and was amazed to find myself among groups of fellow players.

Dena Blizzard, comedian and mom behind the stage show One Funny Mother, took note of the craze, making a parody video of herself playing “Chardonnay Go,” an “app” that helps moms track down the nearest glass of wine waiting in your area.

In the spoof, Blizzard runs around her neighborhood in an excited fervor, yelling “Chardonnay Go!” and jumping out of a car to find the nearest glass of Chardonnay. She quickly downs it and runs to the next spot.

“The best thing about this app is it’s free and there are no problems with security because Google wants you to drink!” she says in the video, shortly after battling another mom for the vino stashed under a tree.

Watch the full vid below:

This video is pretty creative and all in good fun. Although there have been some negative comments on YouTube (a couple comments simply say “cringe”), it seems like reception of the skit has been positive – and it has caught the attention of Cosmopolitan, Babble, TODAY and more.

One YouTube commenter Steve Pugh sums it up best: “With everything else going on in this world, it’s refreshing to see someone pour a little humour back in to society. Well done OneFunnyMother – I appreciated your HILARIOUS efforts.”

What do you think of “Chardonnay Go”? Would you play this game if it were real? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.


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