Mom Squirts Breastmilk at a Woman Who Shamed Her for Breastfeeding in Public

Woman complains on Facebook that a mom sprayed her with breastmilk after asking her to breastfeed elsewhere.

Sometimes, grown-ups can be huge brats. For example, when they take it upon themselves to make someone feel bad for feeding their child in public. Every now and then, someone does something especially rotten to the wrong person, and ends up getting a not-so-pleasant, yet beautifully karmic, surprise. So is the case of the anonymous woman who posted on the Facebook page Dartford Gossip about a confrontation that happened at Dartford’s Central Park.

Apparently, another mom was at the park on the same day and had the audacity to breastfeed her baby in front of Anonymous’ child and “easily distracted husband.” Instead of taking her child and (did we mention, “easily distracted”) husband to another area of the park, or better yet, using the situation as a learning experience to teach her child, and wandering-eyed husband, about something that is perfectly natural and not at all sexual, the woman chose to confront the mom, and asked her to “go somewhere private” to finish feeding her baby.

As this woman should have known – being a mom herself – most moms that are raising a child young enough to be breastfed are tired and are simply not in the mood to be accosted by a complete stranger. Unfortunately for Anon, this was one momma who was not going to brush it off or oblige the request.

According to the Facebook post, the mom told Anon to (expletive) off and proceeded to squirt her with breastmilk. Anonymous didn’t mention how she reacted to being sprayed with the melon milk, but did post that the mom should be “ashamed” of herself.

Most of the folks of Dartford Gossip didn’t agree and instead supported the mom, calling Anon out for judging another mother, making her job more difficult, and not reprimanding the man-child for ogling another woman.

Honestly, I can’t blame the mom for being frustrated and annoyed with this woman. Babies need to eat often, and a mom that is comfortable feeding in public should be allowed to do so, covered or uncovered, and without being harassed by anyone.

To be quite frank, it’s pretty gross for moms to be catching complaints for breastfeeding their children at all. It’s just a boob, and when it’s being used to breastfeed it’s covered by a baby’s head. That’s hardly sexual. Unless mom is standing on a table, bouncing around with nothing but pasties on singing “Milkshake” by Kellis, it’s not appropriate for you to say anything. Avert your eyes and move on with your life.

While kind of funny, squirting your boob juice at someone probably isn’t the most mature or sanitary way to handle a shaming situation (not to mention a huge waste of the liquid gold that is breastmilk), but mom made her point, and I’m pretty sure that Anon won’t be so quick to harass anyone anytime soon.


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