Parents Trick Toddler with Mom Cut-Out to Prevent Crying When She’s Not Around

One Japanese mom couldn't leave the room for a second without her son crying, so she started using life-size cardboard cut-outs of herself to keep him calm.

Every mom has been there. Junior is happily cooing and playing with his toys, so you try to sneak away to grab a shower or a snack – and then he’s suddenly screaming at the top of his lungs.

You rush back into the room expecting to see him being attacked by Michael Myers or something, and, as soon as you’re back in his eyesight, the screaming stops and he’s back to playing. Guess you’re stinking and starving today.

It’s a common thing that happens with babies who need and want to be near mom at all times. And while it’s great to know that junior loves you, it certainly doesn’t make it easy to get the number of things you have to get done, done.

Once Japanese mom, Fuki Sato, found the perfect parenting hack to get around this issue, though. She obtained life-sized cardboard cut-outs of herself in different poses and set them up all around the house.

It started out with just two cut-outs – an image of Fuki standing over the playpen, out of reach of her son, and another of her crouching down. The cut-outs were left far enough away from her 1-year-old so he couldn’t grab them. And, wouldn’t you know it, the hack worked!

Fuki’s son’s dad, who goes by @sato_nezi on Twitter, posted a few videos to the social media site that shows the tot playing happily as long as he could see the cut-outs.

For the record, dad was in the room with their tot the whole time and mom would pop back in every 20 minutes to make sure all was well. But it seems that their baby just wanted the comfort of being able to see mom.

So, could this be the perfect hack for those kids that scream for hours when mom isn’t around?

You tell us. What do you think of this parenting hack? Would you try it out with your baby? Tell us in the comments – and don’t forget to submit your personal favorite parenting hack here.


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