Mom’s Dirty Laundry Christmas Tree Goes Viral

All moms know laundry never ends and, when one sassy mom's hubby told her to handle it, she turned her family's dirty clothing into a cheeky Christmas tree.

Laundry is the worst of all the household chores. It’s a three-step process that’s seemingly never-ending and, if you get behind on it, you’ll either drown in mounds of dirty underpants or run out of clean ones – whichever comes first.

It’s by far the most time consuming and annoying thing that mamas (and dads) need to keep up with. In fact, the only thing that could be more annoying than the laundry itself is a significant other that tells you to hop to it.

Jessie Roberts, a mom of three from Melbourne, Australia, was on the receiving end of one such request from her husband. But instead of getting irritated with his “you need to get through all the washing before we head down the coast tonight,” she got cheeky and instead turned her dirty clothes hamper into a glorious Christmas tree that any mom can appreciate.

And this was last year. She just posted the image on Instagram this year, though, where it racked up 647 likes (and counting).

“Last years (sic) Christmas Tree,” she posted with a laughing face. “We where (sic) going away for 2 weeks and I couldn’t and didn’t have time to do the washing… so like any creative person … I improvise.”

She added that she left the tree up for two weeks and, at the time, her husband was not impressed. Shortly after posting the photo, though, she revealed to Today that he laughed and did agree to help her get the laundry.

“I think it resonated with so many moms and dads because we all have that pile of clothes somewhere in our homes – dirty or clean. It’s if we choose to show it or not,” Roberts, who also co-hosts a parenting podcast called Stepford Wives, told Today. “When house duties get to be too much, it’s better to make light of it than to throw the towel in.”

And honestly, we couldn’t agree more. In a society where both parents have to work, in addition to taking care of the household and the kids (which, let’s face it, is also a full-time job) things get missed and delayed.

We can beat ourselves up over the piles of dirty laundry or we can laugh and build a Christmas tree out of it until the time comes that we can catch up on that work. And while I definitely appreciate a clean house, I personally prefer the latter.

What do you think of this mom’s dirty laundry tree? Can you relate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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