Mother Helps Daughter Egg Houses and Cars

A Utah mother took bonding time with her daughter to a new level after she helped her and her friends throw nearly 15 dozen eggs on homes and cars. Utah newspaper, Standard Examiner reports that back in August, 44-year-old Jennifer Terry drove her daughter and friends through four cities to egg 20 houses and cars.

The incident cost more than $5,000 in damages (more than $2,000 to a home’s stucco and $3,000 to a car ignition). Terry says she did it because “of certain familial problems she was having and because she simply did not care,” Utah television station KSL-TV reports.

Damages included broken windows, screens and ruined furniture, Standard Examiner notes. Families say they spent nearly four hours cleaning the front of their house and and some families have not been successful with cleaning everything damaged.

Police charged Terry with a class A misdemeanor. Utah State Legislature says, “Causing a catastrophe is a class A misdemeanor if the person causes the catastrophe recklessly.”

The court specifically identifies 11 people affected, KSL-TV reports, but it’s possible more than 20 homes were damaged. All expect for one youth admitted to egging houses. Whether they are charged is unknown. However, police recently arrested Terry and ordered for her to be processed in jail before her first appearance.

KSL-TV reports that, “Utah court records show she pleaded guilty to the unlawful sale or supply of alcohol to minors, a class B misdemeanor, in 2002. Terry also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor public nuisance charge in 2009.”

Clearly this mom has some issues.

For a mother to say she did not care and helped her child act in a way like this is unfortunate. A family issue is not an excuse to act out and destroy property. Allowing her daughter to be a part of a minor crime such as egging a house can lead to larger crimes and future problems. It puts her daughter at risk and it puts her friends at risk, too. Parents should want the best for their children and need to do whatever it takes to set a positive example.

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