Peanut App for Moms is Sort of Like Tinder for Mom Friends

Peanut app for moms offers a Tinder-like experience with a twist. Have you used this app yet to make some new mom friends?

On the app Peanut, you swipe through a collection of people in your area and have conversations with connections. It’s a lot like Tinder, except, instead of users setting up dates with strangers who might just be angling for a hook-up, this app connects fellow moms.

Wait! Before you swipe away this proposition, I promise, the Peanut crowd is very different from the types on Tinder.

Forgo the Netflix and chill offers with Tinder users looking for their Friday night bae and go on Peanut to chat with a mother of two, self-proclaimed routine queen, avid bookworm and massive fan of your favorite television show who can’t wait to geek out with you, talk tips to overcome colic, and share puppy chow recipes.

In all seriousness though, if your work schedule and home life has made getting together with your usual crowd of friends impossible, being a parent can get lonesome.

When the only people you spend a substantial amount of time talking to (and taking care of) are your kids and your partner, it can sometimes feel like your world has become an excruciatingly small bubble.

“Motherhood is a crazy ride, and it’s one that requires the occasional weeknight glass of wine or the ‘omg my kids are driving me f-ing nuts” text,” Ashley Austrew of CafeMom writes. “Almost every mom I know wishes she had more friends to turn to when sh-t gets real, and if an app can help us find companionship, laughs, or even just someone who understands the pain of missing the end of This Is Us because the 3-year-old got out of bed again, there is exactly zero shame in using it and seeing what mom besties might be out there.”

Swipe up to “wave” at a mom who looks cool or down to pass. A chat will then open up when two moms match, and you can also create group chats if you like – bear in mind, you can only speak to people who have expressed mutual interest.

The Peanut system is simple and Tinder-like. However, there are particular features that make this app unique.

Upon download and account creation, users are immediately prompted to describe themselves with personality labels to help Peanut start vetting your prospective matches.

Are you a hot mess or a self-proclaimed mom boss? A spiritual gangster who is always on vacay or a fashion killa who loves wine time? Or maybe a strictly organic routine queen as opposed to a geek chic dance machine? Choose wisely, you only get three.

While chatting, if someone suggests an activity or meet-up, a poll feature helps everyone gauge a preferred time, an invitation can get sent once a decision is made, and from there it can be added to everyone’s phone calendar so no one forgets.

“Love it so far! Can’t wait to start collecting with more local mamas,” said user DaisyS28 in a five-star Apple App Store review. “I think Peanut will enable moms to discuss what’s on their mind, meet new people, arrange play dates, etc. It’s not easy getting to know other moms in today’s world, I think this will help.”

Excitement for the app that, “shows you like-minded mamas near you, and makes it easy to meet… Because let’s face it, the more women in your life, the better it becomes,” was echoed by other user reviews as well.

“I’ve been enjoying connecting with strong and powerful mommas and really looking to start virtual and real connections with moms close to me!” said user Walawe.

However, just as with all social media platforms, take any precautions to make sure the situation is safe if you’re intending to meet up with someone in person.

Organize a meet up in a public space, maybe have a close friend or your partner tag along, and know that it’s 100 percent OK to back out if you’re feeling uncomfortable or call for help if you’re feeling unsafe.

Have you tried this app? What do you think of it? Tell us in comments.

This post was originally published in 2017 and is updated regularly.


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