New Hair Glue Lets Baby Girls Wear Bows

There’s a new baby product on the market that has us scratching our heads – literally.

It’s called Girlie Glue and it’s basically an adhesive designed so that parents can put bows on their baby girls’ heads. Promising to be all natural and agave-based, the glue was invented by a mother who was tired of using uncomfortable headbands and bows on her baby, according to a story on CafeMom’s The Stir.

The mom, Katie Hydrick, also sells bows, flowers and other accessories to use with her glue. “It’s never too early to be Girlie,” the product’s website boasts.

“It’s safe, 100 percent honey-free and washes away easily with water,” the site explains. “Fancy possibilities are endless with a dab of Girlie Glue.”

We have to admit that the babies featured on her site look pretty adorable with their little hair accessories. But we can’t help but wonder how it feels to have glue on your head? Probably not so great. Your head might be itching just thinking about it.

We sort of understand the appeal behind it, though. Some moms just can’t wait to dress up their baby girls in cute little outfits with sweet matching hair bows and they get frustrated when baby doesn’t have enough – or any – hair to clip them to.

For other parents, it could be a few too many gender mix-ups at the grocery store that ultimately pushes them over the edge toward hair glue. Maybe hearing “he’s SO cute” is just getting a little old while you’re pushing your baby girl in the grocery cart.

But is using glue – however natural – on your baby’s head really necessary?

As The Stir writer Ashley Austrew writes, “Perhaps we’ve taken things just a step too far when we start mistaking our babies’ delicate heads for a blank canvas for our latest decoupage project.”

We have to agree. It’s one thing if your baby is old enough to rip off the bows as she sees fit – because glue or not, we all know that’s what happens half the time – but the youngest babies this glue is used on don’t exactly have the developmental ability yet to pull the accessories off.

And with how careful most new moms are about everything they use on their baby – from organic diapers to special laundry detergent – we’re surprised this is getting traction.

It just seems a little silly, and maybe a little mean, to glue things – even something soft – to a tiny baby’s head just so they look more “girly.” Then again, those huge flower and bow accessories don’t exactly look comfortable, either. When it comes to glue, the issue just seems a bit stickier.

Then again, it may have other uses. Take this Amazon review, for example. “This stuff really works on my cat Pippa!” one customer writes. “It does leave a hard spot in her hair after I take the bow out and the spot has to be washed. Baby wipes work well.”

What do you think? Would you use baby hair glue on your baby girl? Tell us in the comments.


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