People Freak Out Over Victoria Beckham Kissing Daughter on the Lips

On her daughter Harper’s birthday, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham shared a photo on Instagram of her kissing the 5-year-old on the lips.

And people went crazy.

“Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they making out,” says one commenter.

“Why tilt your head like that. Why expose yourself to the critics when you know this picture might just cause problems,” says another.

But, a slew of parents jumped to defend Beckham, even sharing photos of them kissing their own children on the lips to show that it’s not as weird as people may think.

“Beautiful photo of a mother and daughter. Anyone who thinks otherwise have a weird idea of motherhood,” says Amanda Abbington.

Many other commenters on Instagram and Twitter say it’s natural and that they do it too, and that anyone who has a problem with it has their own problem.

Mothers and their children have a special bond, and some moms choose to kiss their child on the lips – while some don’t. It’s just like any other parenting decision. There isn’t a right or wrong, just options.

Can I start by saying this: Can we leave celebrity moms alone? They are so scrutinized over every little decision they make, but they’re just trying to raise good children like every other mom.

They have a right to decide how they parent and what is best for their child.

Secondly, I don’t quite understand what could be considered wrong about this picture. Why does tilting your head to avoid bumping and bending noses make it sexual?

My parents both kissed me on the lips, and I always thought it was a normal thing to do with your family. Kissing on the lips isn’t wrong or sexual unless you make it that way.

I suppose that everyone has a different upbringing, and if you’re not comfortable kissing your child on the lips, that’s fine. But that’s not wrong either. What is wrong is criticizing another mom because her choice is different than yours.

I even kiss my dog on the lips. She doesn’t think it’s weird.

That being said, I applaud moms and dads who aren’t afraid to say they kiss their kids on the lips. I also applaud those who don’t.

It’s your child, and your choice.

Do you think it’s weird? Let us know in the comments!


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