Period Party Lammily Doll Helps with the Period Talk

Getting your period sucks. The cramps, the bloating, the breakouts and the blood – it’s not a way to spend five to seven days each month, but it’s an unavoidable (except for pregnancy) cycle that starts somewhere around 12 and usually ends when a woman is in her 50s.

In an effort to start the period conversation young, you can now purchase the Period Party pack for the Lammily doll.

In case you don’t know, the Lammily doll was created by an artist named Nickolay Lamm and is considered to be the “normal Barbie.” Lamm invented it so young girls could see what “real” bodies are like and not have such unrealistic body expectations. These dolls are complete with zits, cellulite and stretch marks – in the form of stickers that you attach to the doll.

Now, there’s a new sticker in the arsenal – the menstrual pad.

The Period Party pack, which is $10, includes an educational pamphlet, one pair of doll undies, 18 reusable colored pads and liners, and one calendar with dot stickers.

The goal of this party pack? To make periods a less taboo subject and to open up a conversation with young girls.

“If a doll has pads, how can (menstruation) be taboo?” Lamm tells Today. “Periods are such an integral part of a woman’s life, just a healthy part of it. It shouldn’t have to be swept under the rug,” he adds.

I think this is a step in the right direction for getting girls to accept the six years they’ll be on their period. That’s right: Lammily’s site notes that all those months women spend on their period total out to be about six years – now let that sink in.

Initially, when I read about this, I thought it was sort of crazy. I won’t lie. I’m so over having my period already and I’m not even 30. I can’t imagine another 20 years of this. But then, as I was reading more and more about the product, I realize it’s actually a good thing for little girls. They should not feel ashamed by such a normal part of life – and this is a great tool to get the conversation going.

Although, the video Lammily made to promote these Period Party packs is so lame – and is actually part of the reason I thought this product was silly. See if for yourself and let me know what you think:

What do you think? Would you buy – or have you bought – this for your daughter? Tell us in the comments section below.


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