Pony Up Daddy ‘Dad Saddle’ is the Weirdest Gift You’ll Want to Buy

Kids can ride on your back with this 'daddy saddle.' This strap-on saddle is odd, or sure, but, we still think it should be wrapped under the tree this year.

Are you still searching for that perfect holiday gift for your husband or partner? Well, we found it – and it’s so fantastic and weird that we’re pretty sure you’ll want to buy it.

Meet the Pony Up Daddy dad saddle. It straps onto your back (that’s right: it’s a strap-on – just not that kind, people) and lets your kid ride on top of you like a pony.

Yee-haw, daddy!

This has to be the weirdest yet most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while. When I first spotted this saddle on CafeMom, I nearly peed my pants. I’m sorry, but any time I read “strap-on,” I giggle like a teenage boy. Don’t judge me, OK? You probably laughed too – don’t lie.

I wanted to Google the product while I was in the office, but I got worried about looking up “Pony Up Daddy” in case there was ever a need to peek at my search history. But then again, I research a lot of weird stuff in this job.

Anyway, back to this strap-on saddle, which I did end up Googling here at work. Parents wear this saddle to give their kids those much-desired pony rides around the house.

The product description seems legit. “The daddy saddle is made with durable, high-quality neoprene and an elastic belt to be secured around the closest adult offering said pony rides.”

It sounds safe so you don’t have worry about your kid falling off during his or her highly prized pony ride.

Today even named this strap-on saddle a gift of the year back in 2016, Romper reports. So even if this item is a bit wacky, it can’t be that bad, right?

After all, parents don’t have to worry about their kids pulling at their shirt and possibly ripping it because they are holding on too tight – because, you know, imaginative play can get a little out of hand.

Plus, I’m sorry, but it’s hilarious. I want to buy this for my husband so bad this year – but our son is still too small for pony rides, so this might be under the tree next year.

Good news: There’s still time to snag your strap-on saddle before the holidays. In fact, you can choose from seven colors on Amazon and purchase this bad boy on Prime for $35. You’ll have it wrapped and under the tree before your kid can say, “Giddy up, daddy!”

What do you think of this saddle? Would you buy it? Tell us in comments.


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