Santa Visits Include Lie Detector Test at Select London Malls

When Santa makes his naughty and nice list for kids in London this Christmas, he'll have a little help – and proof to back up his decisions.

Kids at London's Hammerson shopping malls are being given a lie detector test before they get to see Santa Claus this year, according to an ABC News article, and they're happening Dec. 18-21.

In a Dec. 9 video on Brent Cross Shopping Centre's Facebook page titled "Santa's Little Fibbers!", the mall writes, "This festive season, we wanted to add a bit of spice to Christmas and check if children really have been naughty or nice."

They continue, "We installed a polygraph outside Santa's Grotto to help find the fibbers and let kids know that honesty is in fact the best policy."

The polygraph expert on hand is putting kids on the spot and throwing them tough questions, including "Have you been good this year?" and "Do you tidy your bedroom?" ABC News notes.

Maybe this is what parents need, cracks ABC News. "In these tight times, this deception-defeating initiative may make perfect sense. Mothers and fathers of the more rowdy bunch could save a buck or two, or in this case, a pound or two," ABC's Tomek Rolski writes.

Liars, beware! If your pants weren't on fire before, they certainly are now. Ask for that coveted and long-awaited PlayStation 4? Sorry about your luck. How do you feel about coal and fruitcake?

And for the kids who pass the intimidating test with flying colors? Prepare to have the best Christmas ever! Maybe you should send a revised list to Santa asking for a couple extra things. It's the least he could do after how honest you were.

All jokes aside, the video from Brent Cross Shopping Centre looks like both kids and parents had a good laugh. My guess is, regardless of how the kids answered these hard-hitting questions, they'll be having a great Christmas.

Summed up by ABC News commenter Librarian53, "That is funny and surely is making a memorable visit for the children and a humorous one for the parents!"


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