Snarky Mother Posts Viral Video to Negligent Son

Freshmen year can prove a pain to begin with, but for Liam McCarney, 18 and a college freshmen, university presumably just got a lot harder.

Liam’s already made a national name for himself, courtesy of his mother, Ann Pinto McCarney, 46, who posted a video to Facebook on Sept. 16 to “call out” her son who hadn’t called home since classes began.

McCarney, a theater teacher, tells NBC 10 that snarky videos are an inside gag between her and Liam.

“I did a lot of videos with my son when we were on a college road trip,” she says, “and they were pretty funny, because he wanted no parts of the videos. (But) as soon as I gave birth and got stretch marks, I figured I had a right to torture him as much as I want.”

This time, she waited three weeks without a phone call from Liam before she posted her sassy tirade.

She promptly reminds him she clothed him, fed him, taught him how to use the “potty,” drove him to his karate classes, sat through his “hideously long test” for his black belt and paid for his private schooling.

“That helping you with your memory a little bit, bud?” she jibes. “Maybe I need to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you haven’t forgotten me. Maybe you don’t know how to use a phone.”

McCarney then begins a hysterical cellphone tutorial.

“Basically, what you want to do is, you want to grab the phone – you know, the one mommy and daddy bought you – and unlock the phone. I know that you know what that passcode is because I know that someone texts his girlfriend every day, doesn’t he?”

She instructs Liam to press the little green icon with the “white headset.” She then moves an imaginary phone up to her ear.

“Don’t be afraid. You’re going to put it up to your ear and you’re going to hear this ringing,” she adds.

Watch the video here to see what else this mom has to say:

Well guess it’s safe to say that Liam McCarney is well adjusted at college! That being said a Mammas gotta call him out!

Posted by Ann Pinto McCarney on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The video went viral and now has more than 2 million views. McCarney insists Liam knew about the video before she posted it to Facebook.

The next day, Liam consulted that tutorial and phoned his mom, who notes she posted the video with other parents in mind too.

“Sending your child off to college is so bittersweet to begin with,” she tells NBC 10. “There’s a combination of your heart is soaring and swelling with pride and yet it’s breaking at the same time. So when you let them go like that, you don’t want to feel like you’ve been completely erased from their life.”

Your parents gave you life, and while they can’t take it back, they can make it embarrassing. While my mother doesn’t have to resort to all-in-good-fun cybershaming to get a ring from me, I’d expect a quick text requesting a chat before she took to the web to quibble.

McCarney did admit that Liam does text on the regular. She says that she and her husband have gathered he’s fine from his “one-word answers” to their questions.

McCarney joked that she hopes Liam’s college professors can “teach him to complete a sentence.”

How about you? Would you ever post a hilarious rant to your kid’s Facebook page?


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