Social Media Star Baby Chanco Has the Most Gorgeous Hair

A 6-month-old Japanese girl has become an Instagram star with posts about her luscious locks – and it's easy to see why so many are in love.

Move over, Fabio. A new head of hair is taking over our hearts – and your flowing ‘do doesn’t stand a chance.

Six-month-old Baby Chanco – or at least that’s what she’s been dubbed on Instagram – has taken over the photo-sharing site with her “hair diaries” feed, and it’s no mystery why. She has the most gorgeous mop-top that we’ve ever seen.

And we’re speaking about both length and volume here. Seriously, this kid could give Priscilla Presley a run for her money.

And it’s all natural.

That’s right, it’s not a wig and it definitely isn’t Maybelline magic. She came out of the womb rocking these locks – though we can’t confirm whether or not she achieves her signature gravity-defying style with a little overuse of hair product.

In the span of her life, she’s already amassed a following of more than 218,000 people who like and comment on different images of her at baby haircut places, getting her hair combed and styled, sleeping and just being a kid.

Looking through their comments, it seems most are in awe of her majestic mane and joke that she has more hair than most adults (she probably does).

Some even try comparing her to other kids her age, but they can forget about all that. Even if another tot did come with a full head of hair like this, he or she would likely look like a cue ball compared to this kiddo.

Judging by the pictures, mom and dad really dote on her, and so does the rest of the world. But I really feel that all of that hair didn’t come without a price.

Assuming the old wives’ tale is true, mom went through hella heartburn to give her daughter all that hair. We only hope that Baby Chanco remembers that when she gets older and revels in all of her Internet fame.

What do you think of Baby Chanco’s hair, and can your child’s newborn locks compare? Let us know in the comments.

Photo from @babychanco on Instagram.


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