T-Shirt of Pandas Having Sex Could Be a Thing?

Chances are you wouldn’t want your young child sporting a shirt covered in fornicating pandas. And in Jakarta, Indonesia, the police don’t want kids to either.

Back in February, a photo of a young child circulated the Internet. That child, who looks to be a young tot, is wearing a pink shirt – riddled with cartoon pandas getting it on. Police in Jakarta were extremely concerned, as is reflected by the press team’s official statement on Facebook warning residents about the shirt, according to The Daily Mail.

“We appealed to the police to be aware of the presence of these obscene shirts. If anyone knows anything about the circulation or sale of these shirts they are requested to immediately report to the nearest police station,” The Daily Mail’s translation of the February post reads.

Wow. That’s serious. I mean, these pandas are doing it in all sorts of positions. Why would this be a thing for kids, anyway? It seems pretty odd.

Apparently, it’s possible it’s not a real thing, since there’s a label on the photo that reads “Via 9gag.com,” which The Daily Mail reports is a comedic website and doesn’t always have real pictures.

While it’s up for debate if the shagging panda shirt is a real thing, even if it isn’t, it’s kind of crazy to think the concern for the T-shirt was so real.

In Barstool Sports’ commentary on the matter, writer Trent notes, “I don’t care if the shirts are fake. They need to be real. It’d be a good way for parents to get a laugh while the unsuspecting children have no idea what’s going on.”

That’s one way to look at it, I guess? Plus, even if it’s not real, there are probably equally as inappropriate shirts for kids out there to scoff at (or purchase). In fact, Buzzfeed rounded up a list of “21 T-Shirts That Shouldn’t Exist in Kids’ Sizes” in 2013 (again, who knows about the authenticity of some of these pics).

Did you laugh at this panda shirt, or do you think it’s way inappropriate?

Photo courtesy Barstool Sports


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