Teen Accidentally Charges $733 in Makeup to Mom's Credit Card

Everyone who wears makeup knows it’s freaking expensive. Like, put three small items in your bag and pretty soon you’ve spent $100.

This is why I’m somehow not shocked to hear that a 15-year-old makeup-loving teen racked up a $733 bill during her recent trip to Sephora. What I am surprised to hear is she accidentally used her mom’s credit card to pay for the hundreds of dollars’ worth of cosmetics, Teen Vogue reports. Yikes!

Alex Dello describes in a Twitter vid how she stocked up her Sephora basket with various makeup items she wanted. At checkout, she says she intended to pull out an old Sephora gift card to see how much was on it, but when she swiped a card, the order just went through.

“Her card is the card that I use for my Sephora account, meaning that it’s already set up and I don’t need to enter any more information for the order to go through,” Alex says in the video. “So, I texted my mother, and now we wait – either for my death or a really good makeup haul.”

Watch the video below:

She also says she tried to cancel the order through customer support, but no dice since her name wasn’t on the card, BuzzFeed adds.

BuzzFeed talked to Alex’s mom, who told the outlet, “I panicked and at first she did not include the total. Knowing her and her love of makeup, I knew it had to have been a lot for her to be texting me.”

But things turned out fine for Alex. Apparently, her mom is letting her keep ALL of the makeup as a Christmas present.

Initially when I read this story, all I could think about was what would have happened to teenage me if I had ever charged a crazy amount of stuff to my mom’s credit card. I am sure I would have had to work off the charge, paying her back somehow with money from babysitting, birthday and allowance – or at the very least return all of the makeup.

Then I thought, I would have never been allowed to take my mom’s credit card with me to any store in the first place. Why does this teen carry around her mom’s credit card anyway? And it’s a card she regularly uses and has registered to her Sephora account?

My other thought: If she thought she was using a gift card, how much did she expect to be on there? Surely not $733! And what money would she have used to make up the difference? Maybe mom gave her a certain amount she was allowed to charge. The details aren’t clear.

It’s cool Alex’s mom is being so generous and letting her keep all of the makeup – and maybe there’s some other punishment involved that we don’t know about – but $733 is no small chunk of change. I’d be quick to make my kid return it or pay me back.

What do you think of this? Is mom just being generous for the holidays letting her teen keep all this makeup – or should she be forcing her daughter to return it all? Comment with your thoughts.


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