Topshop’s New Clear Panel Mom Jeans Leave Shoppers Confused

What pops in your head when we say mom jeans? If you’re like me, it’s this famous Saturday Night Live skit.

What does not typically pop in your head when someone says mom jeans? We’re guessing it’s the jeans in the photo above.

Thanks to Topshop, though, you can own your very own pair of Clear Panel Mom Jeans for $95.

This twist on the classic mom jean, which is also being sold at Nordstrom, features a clear panel at the knee. That’s right: they are the windows to your kneecaps – windows you never knew you needed until this moment.

Wear them on your child’s next play date to show off all the hard work you’ve spent sculpting your knees (way to make the other moms jealous!). Better yet, wear them on your next date night to show your spouse you haven’t totally lost your sex appeal since becoming a mom.

What do others think of this new pair of jeans?

“I’m a mom, and these jeans aren’t only stylish, they’re practical too. They’re great when I want to wear ripped jeans, but I don’t want that pesky breeze blowing around my knees. They also protect my knees when I’m scrubbing the floors or doing my wifely duties,” one reviewer says on the Nordstrom website.

It gets better.

“I’m a busy mom. I just hate it when I fell the need to check if my knees are dirty (from crawling around on the floor all day after my toddlers) and it involves taking off my pants! Lord knows I ain’t got time for THAT! These pants are genius! They also help when I’m playing “head, shoulders, knees and toes” no more pant-less games for this mom,” says another commenter.

Clearly, we’re not alone in poking fun at these jeans, which Topshop says you should wear “folded at the cuffs to keep them looking cool.”

But here’s the thing, Topshop. These jeans don’t look cool – no matter how you wear them. They are ugly. They are not stylish and we’re sort of offended you named them “mom jeans” because moms don’t have to dress like crap because they’re moms.

What do you think of these jeans? Would you wear them? Tell us in comments.


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