Utah Dad Writes Hilarious Tardy Notes

Seth King noticed his children’s excessive tardiness. Time after time, the Salt Lake City dad writes notes, asking the teachers to excuse his five children – Isabella, 15; Carson, 13; Sophia, 10; Nolan, 6; and Liam, 3. “I was getting bored with writing the same old excuse note,” King tells Esquire. In an attempt to teach them a lesson, King changed the way he wrote the notes and explains the hilarious truth instead.

“I also wanted my kids to understand the shame they should be feeling for being tardy and putting on-time attendance at their school as a second-tier priority,” he says.

Take a look at some of the reason the children were late.

Land of the Free

On Columbus Day, most kids are relaxing at home because school is closed. But Isabella spent the day taking over a neighbor’s house. As the new Christopher Columbus, she and her family turned the holiday into an exciting and memorable day. It may have possibly deteriorated a friendship between neighbors, but the note King wrote might have made this tardy an exception. It’s a “real life history lesson.” Maybe this time her tardiness was not solely her fault.

Straight Outta Herriman

There’s nothing like starting a day off listening to N.W.A. Their music is catchy, builds up the adrenaline in a person’s body and captures people of all ages. At 6 years old, Nolan felt the music. The hashtags King created remixed the beginning of the song, “Straight Outta Compton.”

“We had to have a very frank discussion on ‘school appropriate’ and school inappropriate’ words,” King says in the note. It’s a good thing dad stepped in.

Acting at its Best

Carson is the next big star. He knows how to get into character and stay in character. But he has trouble getting out of it. Wearing a surgical mask, he played Bane from Dark Knight Rises and forced his sister Sophia into believing he was going to kill her. But King made sure Sophia knew she was OK. “He was so into his character, he lost track of time,” King writes. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we found the next future Bane.

Confessions of a Preschooler

As a parent, King now faces a cold-hearted criminal. Liam learned a new trick of kleptomania and “borrows” a few skee balls from local kid zone areas. But he was no match for his toy Jeep. At an attempt to sell back the balls, the Jeep’s battery dies out and ends his “borrowing” career. It’s a good thing King found the problem and tried to fix it. He warned teachers to not let Liam in their homes when wearing a backpack. Never judge a book by its cover. He may be 3 years old but he is a smart salesman.

The Musical Maturation Program

At a young age, my parents sat me down and talked about everything I needed to know about maturity and becoming a woman. I was not curious about it but King’s daughter Sophia wanted to know. Now at the double-digit age, she asked questions most parents do not like to answer. But King and his wife took on Sophia’s questions and answered them in songs. Introducing a few of their hit singles, “Seeing Red” and “Tampon Shock Rock,” I believe Sophia learned a lot on her birthday. Now I understand why she was late the next morning.

To read more tardy notes, visit Seth King’s Instagram page @latenotes.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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