Woman 'Tootsee Rolls' Her Way Through Labor Pain

Mommies-to-be will do just about anything to ease labor pains, and who can blame them? Pushing a watermelon through a hole the size of a bagel is hard – and painful – work.

To get through it, some moms choose breathing, meditation and ice chips, while others swear by the magical epidural. Then there are those that choose to tune out the pain by playing their favorite tunes in the delivery room. Boston mom Yuki Nishizawa is that kind of mom.

You see, when Nishizawa went into labor with her second child, she tried to ease her pains with a dance session to the 1994 69 Boyz hit “Tootsee Roll” and her hubby stood on the sidelines, filming it all.

In the roughly one-minute video, this momma dips, slides and works her derriere – all while she, dad and the nurse in the background share a bit of a chuckle. (It’s OK dad, we forgive you.)

Though this birthing plan is a bit odd to any outside viewers, it seems to work just fine for Nishizawa because about 35 seconds into the video, she yells that her water is breaking, and at 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 19, she delivered her son, Coji Nishizawa-Cloyd, the Boston Globe reports.

While there seems to be an overwhelming amount of support – and chuckles – from the thousands of people that have viewed the video, there are a few that have taken a rather cynical view at an otherwise positive situation.

“She looks ridiculous,” Daily Mail reader General Bruce Barry wrote. “Her newborn will be appalled when it sees this clip of its embarrassing mother.”

Here at Metro Parent, however, we understand that the birthing process is completely unique to every woman that goes through it. Some are incredibly painful and others are like a walk through an industrial park. No matter what kind of labor you have, you probably don’t care how you look and how you decide to get through it is entirely up to you.

Doing the “Tootsee Roll” while in labor might look crazy to the rest of the world, but it is what helped this lady deliver a healthy baby. And let’s be real, Coji probably won’t care how that happened.

What do you think Metro Parent readers? Does dancing during delivery sound like a good idea? Would you ever try it or do you know someone who has?


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