Opportunity Knocks: Seeking New Year Inspiration From Local Moms

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about this month's cover story and offers a little New Year inspiration to help you reach your 2019 goals.

I’ve always viewed January as an opportunity.

For one, it’s usually a slower-paced month, so it gives you some space to breathe and do some of the things you’ve put on life’s back burner.

For me, I am going to organize my home office, get some financial tasks in order and maybe (hopefully) catch up on some sleep.

And since it’s a new calendar, a new year, it’s also an opportunity to get it right – tackle some bad habits and build some good ones.

Every year, I plan to eat less/better, move more, sleep more (clearly a theme) and find more balance in my life. No more working until 4 a.m. Get on a schedule. Say “no” to things that bog me down. Say “yes” to things that lift me up.

But since I commit to some combination of these things every year, it clearly demonstrates that I’m not cutting it.

That’s why I decided to talk to three women who are – and share their stories with you this month. My hope is that I’d inspire myself and you. That we could both learn something to help make the most of 2019.

Their names are Stacey Longo, Lynne Golodner and Danielle North. I’m not friends with any of them, but I know them to a lesser or greater degree. Mostly I’ve admired them from afar as I watched them do their thing and do it well.

As I settled on these three women, I realized that they had a few things in common:

  1.  They are all awesome networkers. They make connections and forge relationships to help themselves and others reach their goals.
  2. They live their life with intent and actually set goals. Not just loose ideas for ways to improve their lives.
  3. They are optimistic. Even though they’ve had setbacks, failures (heck, maybe because of them), they believe in the promise of today and tomorrow.
  4. They are human. As much as I admire them, they are all the first to acknowledge that they have had their struggles and self-doubts, but the key is that they refuse to settle into that place.
  5. They are all moms who believe they are at their best for their kids when they care for themselves. Self-sacrifice isn’t a badge you should wear proudly. They believe it’s a poor example to set for your kids. (I know so many moms who desperately need to learn this lesson.)

I could go on and on, but instead read their stories and hopefully get inspired like I am.

In this month’s issue, we also offer another lighter dose of inspiration. In our roundup of things you can do to get a jumpstart this January, you’ll find some family fun ideas (since January isn’t the most events-heavy month of the year) and suggestions for tackling projects that many families put off (you’ll feel so good if you do).

Consider it a much more fun version of my list of January to-dos – and build on it with the things that you know you’ve back-burnered.

The truth is that every day is an opportunity. Not just Jan. 1. So, if you’re reading this later in the month, it’s not too late. Let’s all make this one of our best years yet – full of personal growth and good times.

2019, here we come!


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