What’s in Your Diaper Bag?

Five Instagram moms gave us an inside look at the top can't-forget items that they keep in their diaper bags.

Oh, the amount of things we stuff into diaper bags and tote around when we’re out and about with babies.

The bare necessities for baby can really add up — multiple diapers, wipes, diaper cream, at least one change of outfit for those exploding diapers, burp cloth, bottles, blanket, extra socks (because one always falls off those pudgy feet and gets lost), a pacifier or four to account for the drops and of course, small toys and board books to keep baby entertained.

But then there’s all the extras that seem to gather in the bag: snacks and toys if you have older kids, phone charger and more. We reached out to a few new moms to see what they’re packing and the answers are brilliant as well as helpful.

“A butt spatula! I can’t get my nails messed up.”

– Lori Orlinsky, mom of three, including a newborn girl. Follow Lori on Instagram @loriorlinskyauthor

Underwear, because when you are a mom, your bladder is just not what it once was.”

– Ericka Polanco Webb, mom of six, including a baby girl. Follow Ericka on Instagram @erickapolancowebb

“Something that I keep in my diaper bag is our trusted Nail Frida SnipperClipper! It is literally my favorite mom hack because it is made in such a way that it does not hurt your children’s fingernails when you cut them! You cannot overcut while using them and they are amazing! I started keeping them in my diaper bag and they come in handy way more than anyone could imagine.”

– Dana Ivy, mom of three, including a baby girl. Follow Dana on Instagram @danaivy

“Because I’m forgetful, I keep my grocery list and coupons in the baby diaper bag.”

– Ericka Woods, mom of three, including a newborn boy. Follow Ericka on Instagram @1Mother2Another2014

Lavender scented dog poop bags. “I put the dirty diapers in them before tossing them out when we’re at a friend’s house and I don’t want to stink up their garbage.”

– Lyndsey Sleek, mom of one

A plastic cooking spatula.

– Pauline Mellon, new mom to one little girl and culinary adventurer. Follow Pauline on Instagram @paulinedelice

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