Thank You, Readers. Julia Signing Off

After 15 years, Metro Parent's COO says goodbye to readers as she assimilates to a different role with the magazine, away from writing our monthly Note.

More than 14 years ago, almost 15 years actually, I sat down to write my first editor’s letter for this magazine.

I took it very seriously. I wanted to introduce myself, set the right tone and hopefully make it an enjoyable read, if that was possible. I didn’t succeed. It was a pretty meat-and-potatoes letter. Formulaic and uninspired. But since then, I’d like to think I’ve redeemed myself from time to time.

Always my goal – whether I succeeded or not – was to offer a deeper insight into the “why” we covered some major feature in each month’s issue. I often shared some anecdote from my childhood or my life to personalize it. The day my dad died a few years ago, I had to write my letter before hopping on a plane to say my farewell. It was hard, but I just told you how I felt and shared a little bit about who he was. When I got back from my trip, I was overwhelmed by all of the emails and calls I received telling me how sorry you were and offering your own stories of losing a parent. You were so kind and your messages meant so much to me.

I’ve appreciated all of your emails and calls over the years – whether agreeing with what I wrote or giving me crap about it. Early in my tenure as editor, one reader was particularly perturbed with me after I confessed that I’m not a big baby person. I prefer toddlers who have that sweet sense of wonder over the simplest things. I never said I hated babies, but boy this woman took it that way. For years, she’d leave me messages to express her disgust and outrage that a “baby hater” was still the editor of this magazine.

Well, if you are still reading, my dear disgruntled reader, your dream has finally come true …

This will be my last editor’s letter. I’m moving to a different role and passing the reigns on to an amazing editorial staff who have some really incredible things planned for Metro Parent. Believe me; you are in excellent hands. But before I go, I want to tell you something that I always wanted you to know. It’s something that I hoped you felt, even if I didn’t directly express the sentiment.

It’s simply this: You are amazing.

I don’t know you technically, but I know that to be true. You are a parent who is reading a magazine all about parenting, and that tells me so much. You are raising the next generation, the people who will be fighting to make our country and our world a bit better than they received it.

It’s no small thing – even if our society often trivializes it. And you’re not phoning it in or you wouldn’t be reading this magazine right now.

You clearly care about being an informed, engaged parent. So, yes, you are amazing. Never forget that the work you are doing is more important than anything else.

I wrote these letters for 14-plus years, but you? You are writing the future. Your quill is the values, lessons, love and hope that you impart on your child.

I am awed by that – now more than ever. Thank you for all you do and all you are. Never doubt how much it matters. Never question if it’s enough, if you’re enough. You got this. And Metro Parent will continue to spot you on your parenting journey.

I wish you and your family good health, good fortune and good times.

xoxo, JULIA


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