Tiki Cards Nail Art Fun for Girls

Plymouth mom Kelly O'Donnell, inspired by her two daughters, invents nail stickers on tradable cards aimed at girls ages 6 to 12.

Colorful nail wraps are a big-time adult craze. But Plymouth mom Kelly O’Donnell saw a gap in the market when her daughters Tess, 9, and Kate, 6 – and the girls’ cousins – tried having a weekend manicure session.

“Everything that was out there was made for adult women” – or, with brands like Jamberry, available online and through a party where mom had to order. “I wanted to create something appealing and appropriate for this age group.”

Her solution, Tiki Cards, debuted last month. Aimed at girls ages 6-12, these baseball card-sized sheets come in packs of three. O’Donnell and her girls came up with fun themes like animals and seasons – and branded them as tradable.

“They love to share things and collect things,” mom says of tween girls. Sets are randomized, so it’s a surprise what each will hold. And applying them is simple for kids. Just peel the stickers off the card and press them on the corresponding nail for 10-20 seconds. Then, trim the ends with nail clippers.

The name “Tiki” came partly from the shape, which reminded O’Donnell of tiki torches, but also stands for her daughters’ names Ti (Tess) and Ki (Kate). “They were my testers. They’ve worn a million sets,” adds mom, who works in marketing (you can also catch Tess in YouTube tutorials).

Currently, you can get Tiki Cards online. Packs of three are $4.99; “mega” packs of 15 run $19.99 (see social media for coupon codes; shipping is free). O’Donnell aims to be in retailers soon. Buy online at mytikicards.com.


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