How Moms Can Benefit from the Changing Workforce

Whether you want to go back to work, go part-time or want more flexibility, now is the time to take advantage of the changing workforce.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to go back to work, a working mom who wants more flexibility, a working mom who wants to go part-time or a mom who wants a different job, the United States workforce is experiencing a moment in time that is ripe for this generation of moms to take advantage of.

We have two scenarios going on in the workforce. When combined, they provide the perfect storm of opportunity for moms.

Millions of women left the workforce due to the many constraints the COVID pandemic placed upon them, most commonly childcare. And as we slowly return to normal, many moms want to re-enter the workforce, but on their own terms. While they want to work, many are doing so as freelancers, consultants and contract workers.

At the same time, there is a Gen Z workplace revolution going on. While “quiet quitting” trends on social media, many young employees have set their own parameters about what they will and won’t do, skating by under the radar in an attempt to do the minimum. While there are multiple layers to the “quiet quitting” conversation, and just as many definitions and interpretations of the term, when it comes down to it, it means one thing for moms who want to work:


If you want to get something done, just ask a mom to do it. She can accomplish more in an hour than many can in a day. Which makes moms the perfect employee solution — either full-time, part-time or contractor to offset the current trends in the workplace.

But for moms, let’s be clear: This is not just an opportunity for employers, it is REALLY an opportunity for YOU.

Many of you have years of experience behind you. Many of you worked during a time when it was commonplace to show up, work your butt off and receive rewards and accolades for that work. Almost all of you can multitask and manage your time better than any other demographic on the planet.

Now is the time to ask for what you want because you have the upper hand of workplace experience and work ethic to receive it. Now is your chance to:

Ask for a raise or benefits in your current job. Good employees are not only hard to find, they are next to impossible to come by right now. A good employer will work to keep you from leaving, but they will not simply offer you more to stay. You must ask for it. What are you waiting for?

In a rut? Take this as a chance to find a new job. While yes, we are moving towards a possible economic recession, there are still jobs out there. Plenty of them. With two million mid-upper-level executives leaving the workforce within the last two years, finding employees with actual work experience is incredibly hard. If you are unhappy, or not being compensated accordingly, now is the time to put your feelers out there. At the very least, a job offer could present an opportunity to negotiate with your current employer.

Get back in the workforce, but on your own terms. Many companies are hiring part-time, contract or project-based help to offset the cost of hiring a full-time employee. All you have to do is put yourself out there. If you’ve been home, send an email to everyone you know and let them know you are looking to take on some clients on a project or contract basis. You can create your own terms and make your own schedule, which ultimately is any working mom’s dream come true.

Use this moment to your advantage. Don’t let this snapshot in history slip away without setting yourself and your family up for future success. The opportunity is right in front of you, make sure you snatch it up.

Lindsay Pinchuk is a suburban Chicago mom and a business and marketing consultant working with founders to build and monetize their communities for bottom line growth. Check out her podcast, Dear FoundHer.

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